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    Problem with Kontera Ads


    Recently I opened Kontera publishers account through ISC. For first few days some intext ads were displaying in all my resources but now I am not able to find any ad. I posted this in forum as well but didn't get any response.

    I contacted Kontera support but got the following message:

    "Thank you for contacting Kontera Support.

    After reviewing your site I was unable to find the Kontera tag implemented in the HTML of your site. Without the tag no ads will appear on your pages. Please contact your service provider and inquire as to why the tag has been removed.

    Kontera Support"

    What can be the actual problem? What should I do to solve this problem?

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  • hello
    Buddy i think the administrators of ISC remove the HTML code of the ad you pasted. And ya one question do we can paste our own ads here on ISC i dont think so if yes so please inform.

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