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    Is terrace gardening suitable in house ??

    Is it feasible to have terrace garden in home and if not , then what are the possible problems which can occur due to it ??
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  • Hi Shivani!
    You can always grow plants on top of the terrace. Plants(rose,kanakambaram,hibiscus,jasmine etc) can always can always be grown, but if you want to grow trees(neem,mango,lemon,etc), you can go for Bonsai. Whether it is plants or trees you have to take a lot of care cleaning the terrace, watering the plants and taking care of the plants.


  • There is no problem in having a terrace garden. Small plants like some flower and vegetables can be grown in pots in terrace. It looks good to have plants in the terrace and provides a healthy environment and greenery. It also feels good standing in the terrace with the plants around. But, you should not keep too much of plants, it will make the place dirty. Leave space in between the plants, so that it will be easy to keep the area clean.

  • Terrace gardening is no problem unless you have proper drainage system.
    If you are planning for container gardening it is a good idea, you can grow all sort of plants,flowers,vegetables etc in pots and containers, and if you want to do it otherwise you need to have proper drainage system installed.

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