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    What is SGX NIFTY?

    What is SGX NIFTY? how it is related to indian stock market?

    In the morning stock market news we often listen about “SGX NIFTY”. If it rises before market opening, Indian stock market rises and vice versa. Please explain what this is and how it is related to our stock markets?
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    SGX NIFTY stands for Singapore Exchange Nifty. The Indian Stock market i.e. Sensex and Nifty 50 is indirectly related to the SGX Nifty along with the other Indices around the world. Another point is that both India as well as Singapore is in same continent which co-relates the whole thing. It can also be seen from "The Golden Monday" of Indian Stock Market just after the election results when both Sensex and Nifty closed on upper circuit. On the same day, SGX Nifty was up by more that 600 points. Not only this. if some steep rise/fall happens in any of the Indices around the world it affects other exchanges.

    In this globalized world, where countries can trade with other countries around the globe, it is very much important to look upon other markets of the world as the first effect of economic performance comes on the stock market.


    Ravi Somani, CFA

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    SGX Nifty is nothing but Indian Nifty Traded in Singapore Stock Exchange. It will be moving with respect to Indian Nifty.
    SGX Nifty is opened at 8.00 am on all working days and mostly it will be initial direction to the Indian Market.

    Y. Srinivasa Rao

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