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    Organic Gardening

    What is organic gardening?
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  • Growing garden plants using organic manure is referred as organic gardening. Organic manures are those without chemicals, generally obtained from organic materials.

    Cow dung is a natural one. Usual bio-degradable wastes can be converted into organic manure by processing. Composting using earth worms (this is simply allowing the worms to feed on the waste, and collecting the excreta of the worms)can be done in gardens in order to get organic manure. The kitchen waste can thus be converted into manure.

    Other processes such as bio-gas conversion,windrow composting, etc., are also available.


  • organic gardening means not using synthetic products, including pesticides and fertilizers.

    Gardening organically isn't just gardening without chemicals. You must work with nature to develop an ecosystem in your garden.

    Organic gardeners only use animal or vegetable fertilizers rather than synthetics. It also means natural pest control devoid of industrial insecticides. In other words, using natural substances and beneficial insects to ward off pests.

    For that use finished compost.
    Attract ladybugs to your garden with nectar-producing plants such as parsley, dill, and fennel.

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