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Drainage issue with lower floor residents

Have a query about plumbing and related damage to building? Want to know what legal steps can be taken against the others residents responsible for this issue? Find responses form experts here.

Caste certificate on mother's name

Are you facing a marital issue? Searching for the detailed procedure to get caste certificate on mother's name? Find responses and suggestions form experts on this page for all your concerns.

Open ended Sale Agreement

What are the options available to a seller who has entered into an open-ended agreement and the buyer is delaying the balance payment? Read the opinion by our experts to know more about the same.

How to correct birth date after 10th GSEB board

Worried about the incorrect birth date on academic certificates? Quickly get expert guidance on whom to approach and the detailed procedure to make the necessary change.

Stepmother and her daughters right

Are you facing some legal queries about inheritance after second marriage? Searching for answers to your concerns? On this ask Expert page you can check out the responses from experts and resolve your query.

Name correction not updated online

Having a query about change in name in CBSE result? Wondering why it is not yet updated in the CBSE website? On this Ask Expert page you can check out responses to your query.

Space between the name in Inter certificate

Is there a name difference in any of the certificates? Looking out for resolving this issue and and ensuring smooth document verification in a government job? Check out this page and get answers to all your concerns.

Section 377 of IPC (Indian Penal Code)

want an opinion about Section 377 of IPC? Looking out for information on this page? Here, go through the experts telling you about what stance the Supreme Court can take with respect to Section 377 of IPC.

Surname difference in Voter id & other documents

Having a difference in name in the documents? Looking out for information about which name should be mentioned in the marriage certificate? Check out this page and get answers to your question.

Change of date of birth in documents

Worried about DOB error in school document? Searching for how to make a change and resolve the issue? find advice from experts for your queries on this page.

Surname difference in father and brother's

Having a surname difference in any of the family documents? worried about this being a problem in matters related to job, property division or nomination? Find advice from experts on these legal matters here.

Does a letter amount to a valid will?

What is a will and does a formal letter make you to consider as a will? A doubt haunts many and check this ISC webpage. Our legal experts would guide you here properly to know more about this.

My employer is not paying Salary

Have a query about employment rules? Looking out for advice on this page? Here, get advice from experts to resolve yuor concerns and get the required salary from the employer.

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