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Name format problem in HS mark sheet

Another query related to a name wrongly reflected in the Higher Secondary Examination certificate. Check this page to get guidance from our experts.

How to stop increasing my eye power?

Suffering from a headache and worried of increase in your eye power readings? Check this page to know few tips that can minimise the chances of increasing the power of your decreasing sight.

Need medicine for Apthous ulcer

Are you suffering from Apotheus ulcer? Looking out for remedies to cure this ulcer? Here, you can read the medical advice by experts and get a cure for your suffering.

How can I solve this health challenge

Are you looking for information about how to get rid of chronic ailments like cough with pain in chest and weakness? If so, then ask here for opinion and suggestion to start getting better.

How to clean ears normally without any effect inside?

Wondering whether ears should be cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene or not? Searching for information whether any oil should be poured in ears for their well being? Ask our doctors and ENT health experts in ISC for proper guidance.

Why blood comes from nose during pregnancy?

Worried why blood comes from the nose in the mouth in a pregnant lady? Looking for proper guidance regarding bleeding gums in pregnancy? Ask our Doctors and health experts in ISC for proper guidance.

How to avoid any vision problem in eyes?

Do you face eye trouble due to working at your computer? Experts will provide you with a range of eye exercises to prevent eye problems caused by continuous working at a PC.

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