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Why is eid ul azha is celebrated

Have a query about eid ul azha? Wondering about the real reasons why it is celebrated and the rituals followed? Our ISC Experts shall provide you with the real reasons here.

How is 'Haleem' related to the festival of 'Ramzan'?

Have a query about the Ramzan festival? Wondering how Haleem is associated with this festival? Check out this Ask Expert page and ISC members shall provide you with reasons for Haleem being associated with Ramzan.

Query about Inter Religion Marriage

Planning an inter religion marriage? Looking out for methods to convince parents? Read the responses from experts here and understand how, where and what to talk to your parents so that you can fulfill all your dreams with the love of your life.

Process of Aqiqah ceremony In Islam

Searching for information related to the Aqiqah ceremony? Follow the responses in this thread to know the process of Aqiqah ceremony and its benefits.

Inter religion marriage issue

Are you facing an inter-religion marriage issue? Get advice on how to deal with the problems arising from the parents refusing an inter-religious marriage.

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