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Want to know about Central Government schemes? Have a question related to passports or visas? Submit such types of queries and get expert guidance on these and other topics related to the Central Government. You can ask questions about the latest Union Budget, Parliament proceedings, election news, etc. Check out details about the Aadhar ID, subsidy schemes, funding programs and essential Central Government plans and projects.

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Deed for indemnity bond in railway

Have a query about the indemnity bond in railway job? Looking out for understanding the terms and conditions in the bond? Find suggestions from experts here.

Regarding improper channel used for job change

Have a query about NOC norms in a government job? Wondering if a person can apply for SSC CGL while on probation in a government job? Resolve your worries by going through this page with advice from our ISC experts.

Guidance to prepare for IAS exam

Are you having dilemma between job post graduation and preparation for the IAS exam? Know experts' guidance in this regard.

Caste certificate verification of central govt jobs

Have you got any address proof related and other documents issued from different states? Worried how to answer any questions during document verification? On this page check out advice provided by experts.

Regarding name correction for central government job

Have a query about central government job document verification procedure? wondering what to do if you have made a wrong entry? Check out this page and get answers from our ISC experts.

Name issue for government jobs

Will difference in name as reflected in various school and degree certificates cause an issue in job prospects? check this page to know what could be the issues arise out and how to solve it from our ISC experts.

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