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Which is the best animation course in India?

Interested in creating animated short stories and rhymes using animation software? Confused about choosing the best animation software? Here, on this Ask Expert page check out the responses which will enable you to take a judicious decision.

Guidance in B Com after 2 year break

Don't know what to do after completion of B Com course and there by a break? No worries, our ISC experts would guide you what to do and check this page to know more about it.

Correction in father's name for government job

Have you made a mistake of name in government job application? Wondering what to do if you already have got selected? Find responses from experts on this page regarding what to do and how to change in the name in the office records.

Mother's name issue in my different marksheets

Is there a name mismatch in any of the marksheets? Worried how to handle any issue document verification in a government job? Find responses from experts for all your queries on this page.

Distinctions between IIT and normal engineering

Confused about how IIT education differs from normal engineering courses? Our experts will give you a better understanding of the two & explain how they differ in terms of job scope, fees, etc.

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