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What is a Tinospora cordifolia ?

Have a query about Tinospora cordifolia? Want to know its effects, side effects, dosage and whether it is available in tablet form? Go through this page and get answers to all your questions here.

AYUSH Admissions and Counselling 2018

Planning to study BAMS? Looking out for detailed admission procedure and cut off dates for counselling? Check out this page for advice to all your queries from experts.

BAMS-2018 Admission and Counselling Process.

Planning to take admission in BAMS course? Have a query about the admission and counseling process? you can get all the information about the application process and decide how you can get admission in BAMS college in Punjab.

Ear infection with hearing loss

suffering from ear infection and impending hearing loss? Searching for natural remedies for solving this issue? Here, on this page check out advice from experts regarding diet, natural oils and yoga practices.

Daily use of soya chunks are good or bad?

Intersted in high protein foods? Searching for suggestions? Check out this page and get responses from experts to know about the harmful effect of soya and suggestions for other high protein foods.

Cow urine for cancer treatment

Have a query about curing cancer? Looking out for ayurvedic remedies? On this page you can check out whether cow urine can be a treatment for cancer.

How to control Thyroid problems naturally?

Looking for information about what medicines can be taken when suffering from Thyroid problems and menses related troubles? Ask for more details about Ayurvedic and herbal medicines over here.

Ayurvedic medicine for Thyroid

Suffering from thyroid problems? Find out quickly from the responses hereunder about the list of ayurvedic medicines to treat thryroid problems.

Any cure of stress and Heart pain in Ayurveda ?

Thinking about what kind of remedy would be there in Ayurveda for stress? Not able to deal with stress and old grief? Ask our Doctors for a good Ayurvedic solution for stress and Heart troubles.

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