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    Is PhD from Pacific University, Udaipur valid for Private colleges in West Bengal?

    Have a query about PhD form a private university? Looking out for its validity in other states of the country? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can find advice for all your queries.

    I am pursuing PhD from Pacific University, Udaipur. I reside and work in West Bengal.
    Is my degree valid?
    May I submit it in any Private colleges in West Bengal?
    I fulfilled all other relevant criteria.
    Can any full time employee do this PhD like me who resides other than Rajasthan?
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  • Full-time employees can work for their PhD. Many universities are offering this facility. If it is a PhD in science or Engineering subjects, your Organisation in which you are working should have the facility for doing the experiments. Another mode is going to the University whenever possible and utilising the facility there for work. I know many people who got the PhD like this. The policy of the University is to be known. Ph D obtained from Private universities recognised by UGC is valid for all states in India for teaching posts and other posts. If you are already pursuing your course and the university is recognised by UGC then your certificate will be valid for all the positions anywhere in India.

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  • 1. A full time employee can pursue a PG and Diploma by distance mode provided the college/university and the program in question are approved by UGC.

    2. There was confusion about PhD by regular vs distance mode. Last year UGC had issued a circular that PhD via distance mode is NOT recognized.

    3.Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research Univeristy under Pacific University, Pacific Hills, Pratapnagar Extension, Airport Road, Udaipur-313003 is listed under UGC as a private University.

    4.The UGC site is not clear whether the PhD is recognized or not. This is the link to the UGC site for PAHER listed as number 30 in the list of universities from Rajasthan. It states that an expert UGC committe has been formed to visit the University, after an application was made by PAHER in March 2017.

    5.The site also has a link for the old UGC inspection from 2014, wherein changes were suggested for PhD course infrastructure. Please read page 13 and page 14

    6. Looks like the PhD is not recognized. I would say, please write to UGC as a group of PhD students or contact UGC or the college authorities for further clarifications.

  • Please contact UGC about this particular circular and when is it effective from and what is your status based on date of your enrollment and specifically the PhD from PAHER, Udaipur.

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  • Prior to taking up Ph.D from any university - two aspects are very important- the first one is the recognition - status of the same in terms of UGC and the other one is the creditibility and reliability of the guide under whom the research work is carried out.
    If you fail to make a thorough research on these aspects, the time invested for your research will be spoilt and you may repent for such an unproductive activity.
    You may go to the university site through Google and identify its status in respect of its UGC affiliation. Once you verify its credentials, you can undertake your research - work.
    With regard to your query regarding the full time employee for undertaking Ph.D, the same can be persued with an university having UGC affiliation. However, in respect of your research relating to science and technology, you need to ensure adequate infrastructure prevailing either in your working area or with the university where your research- work is in progress.
    You have to follow the instructions of your guide while persuing a research - work and with his permission, you can carry on your Research- work in your own area and you may approach your guide if the situation warrants for it.

  • Thank you Dr. Rao, I am pursuing PhD in Management, hope it will be treated as Part-time Regular mode. Am I right?

  • In 2017, UGC has categorically announced through its circular that PhD by distance mode will not be valid. This created a lot of hue and cry in academic circles and some universities like IGNOU have taken up the matter directly with UGC but so far no outcome in public is made by UGC in this matter as on today.

    If a person is working and he is doing part time PhD and attending the laboratory work or other academic work during his part time in university campus or affiliated college then this way of attaining PhD is valid. It means you should be working in the same place where university or the affiliated college is situated. Another important thing is the institution should be equipped with the basic infrastructure or laboratory required by the student pursuing PhD. For this UGC does periodic inspection of the institution and gives clearance and accordingly lists in its site under the appropriate category.

    As you are pursuing a purely distance mode PhD it is not valid. You can wait and meanwhile keep touch with UGC site where any notification in this regard will be posted.

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  • Thank you Umesh sir for the reply, but UGC divided regular mode into two parts, 1) Full time 2) Part time. I am doing PhD in management from Pacific univ, Rajasthan, and reside in West Bengal, work in West Bengal, then why it will not be considered as Part time regular mode? In case of distance mode the University should have a study centre/exam centre in other states. But, this university has no such study centre/exam centre in other state. We periodically go to Rajasthan, and do our part of research work. Then why it will be invalid?

  • You can do your PhD from any recognised university. But there are some grey areas relating to recognition of part-time PhD. You can contact Kolkata office of UGC (Jadavpur University Second Campus, LB 8, Sector-III, Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700098, Phone: (033) -23354767, Fax: (033) -23350586, e-mail: ugcero_kolkata@yahoo.in) for detailed and updated clarification on this issue.

    So far as appointment in a West Bengal college as Lecturer is concerned, it is generally based upon your MBA/MA/M.Sc. degree and qualifying NET. If you have good marks in MBA and if you have qualified NET (Lectureship), you can easily apply without bothering about the status of your PhD degree.

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  • It is true. Your PhD will be treated as part-time regular PhD only. But the minimum duration of the course is 4 years for this. I know who obtained PhD in the same way from other universities. Two of my staff worked under part-time regular PhD. For them, I am the guide from my Organization and one professor in the university is the co-guide. Another candidate worked directly by joining in the university directly. For him, minimum duration is 3 years. University Professor is the guide and I am the co-guide. That is the difference.

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  • Thank you so much Dr. Rao Sir. My doubt is clear. Thank you again.

  • People can pursue part-time PhD by attending the significant time duration sessions with their guide in the university campus or college. It is not understood how are they communicating with their guide in distance mode. Specially PhD in science will be a difficult proposition in such environment. Anyway, universities are announcing their PhD courses in distance mode and people are registering for it.
    UGC has already taken a note of it and as per their order, such PhD is not valid.
    So you have to go through the usual NET process if you want to become a lecturer.
    The private colleges may take their own view on this matter and that can be known only after ascertaining the procedure from them regarding the status of distance mode PhD in their institution from lecturer appointment point of view.

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  • Yes Mr./Miss Bhatt, you are right in this case.

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