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    Is BCA from distance mode accepted for a Govt. job?

    Do you wish to apply for a Government job with a BCA distance mode qualification? Know from experts if this eligibility is acceptable for a government post in India.

    I have done BCA from Vinayaka Mission University in distance mode in 2012. So am I eligible for a govt job? Will there be any issue?
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  • The University distance education is recognised and the institute is recognised as a Deemed University under section 3 of UGC act 1956. the institute is accredited by NAAC. All the courses offered by the university are recognised and they are eligible for any job on par with any other recognised University. So there will not be any problem in getting a job with the degree offered by this University provided you fulfil all other criteria for the course.

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  • The institution must be HECI recognized and not the UGC. Because Centre has already decided to replace UGC. HECI in place of UGC. If you have completed BCA from UGC recognized university then you can certainly apply for Government jobs without any issues.

    However, one need to make sure whether the university is UGC recognized Bogus institution or genuine UGC recognized. Go to search bar and search for list of fake universities to verify that your university is not Bogus.

    There will be no issues with your documents If you meet the minimum requirements to apply for Government job.

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  • No, there would not be any problem in getting a government - job if the BCA degree is being persued through the distance - mod but you have to ensure that the degree offered by such a mode is recognised by UGC.
    It must be a deemed University under the section 3 of UGC act of 1956.
    There are numerous open universities such as IGNOU, UTKAL university, Manipal Distance Education etc offering excellent guidance in completion of courses of degree stages including BCA course and the candidates are well placed in the different organisation including the governmental one. With the scoring of high marks and a better grip of the subjects taught at BCA level will brighten your prospects in getting a job.
    Apart from the Governmental - organisation, you may try your job in TCS, INFOSYS, COGNIZANT etc with the better preparation of interviews.

  • Yes as long as the University has UGC approval for conducting distance education courses your degree is valid for any kind of job purpose.
    I got following document from UGC site for year 2014 approved list of UGC distance learning Universities. I see your University name in there. Please double check it. Also apply for Govt job and worry about degree validity if they questions. I think you will not have any problem.
    Site -

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  • Distance mode education from an UGC recognized university is acceptable for employment, this issue was clarified by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) since 1995. You can quote the gazette notification no.44 dated march 1 1995 ( and the recent 2016 (

    It would be some time before HECI replaces UGC, even if it does, there would be a system in place to ensure that passed out students do not face unnecessary hurdles or discrimination.

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  • Any degree awarded by an university can be verified form the UGC website. It publishes the list of fake, approved university and the course too.

    For instance the BCA from Vinayaka mission had been given approval by the old distance education council of UGC which is now renamed Distance education bureau of UGC. So, you can use this also.

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  • If the university is approved under the appropriate category under UGC or forthcoming HECI which are the regulatory bodies in this field then there is nothing to worry and you are at par with the regular students. Members have already given the valuable inputs and you can crosscheck it at the UGC site.

    There is another aspect in this matter. When you go for interview or counselling in connection with a job the employer will have a natural biasing towards regular institutes versus the distance education ones as they are not much aware about the fake universities or genuine ones. So they will be a bit particular about your knowledge, experience and skills and will like to be satisfied on that account before offering you a job.

    So please prepare your core area subjects and associated industry knowledge thoughtfully and thoroughly so that you fare better than the regular students. Please remember that the companies are very much impressed with skill levels and experiences rather than a number of degrees reflecting in the CV.

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    Visit the above URL and read the article. There it is clearly written that Vinaya mission university and four other universities or colleges are suspended by UGC(University Grants Commission) in 2017. You have to give exam again which will be conduct by AICTE(All India Council of Technical Education) before 15 January, 2018. You get 2 attempts if you are unable to clear the examination in first attempt then you have a chance to clear in a 2 attempt. If student still fails to clear the exam after 2nd attempt then degree will automatically cancelled.

  • You have stated that you completed BCA from Vnayaka Mission University in 2012. You are really fortunate! The private university has lost its recognition in 2017. So, your degree of 2012 is valid. As it is a Graduation degree, you can apply for any Government job for which the academic qualification is Graduation or less, provided you satisfy other conditions (mainly related to maximum age-limit).

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  • Yes, it has been banned. This is the worst University among all the deemed Universities in Tamil Nadu. It is a horrible University, who doctorate degrees are not even the paper on which they get printed on. As regards your BCA, it is fine as Partha Sir has clearly explained.

    However, going ahead, it is very doubtful if you will be able to get any Government job, as this University is not considered a great University to even get a regular degree. Kindly ensure that you disconnect from this University and do your MCA from a regular University like IGNOU or even part time from the nearest University, in your area.

    There are so many other Universities like this University. Please do have a reality check before you take up any course. You cannot do anything with just your BCA degree, even if you get a Government job. Since I do not know where you live, I do not know eligibility criteria that exists in many parts of India. Please do note that this University may loose its recognition totally and may be converted into just a group of colleges that may soon be affiliated to another State Government, UGC recognized University called Periyar University, at Salem. However, this is another non-so-good also-ran University that is slowly loosing all its value.

    Any distance education, including IGNOU is never treated on par, by the private sector. So, just in case you land in the private sector, you will do well to acquire higher qualifications to stay ahead. If you get a Government job with this BCA qualification, fine. All the very best. Go ahead. But qualify further, you must.

  • All the aspects regarding distance education and your institute are very well explained above.
    My points are-
    1. After BCA, which was completed in 2012, you have 6 years gap. Have you pursued any other courses during this time? If not, then it will be definitely difficult for you to get any government job in technical line.
    If not course, were you in any job by this time? If yes, then your experience may get counted.
    A gap of 6 long years in the computer field is never ever considered as it is getting advanced day by day and for government jobs, they always mention the graduation year very specifically in eligibility option in most of the cases. For example, candidates who have completed their graduation in the year 2014 can apply for this job.
    2. Secondly, it is always better to go for regular education in technical courses and BCA is one among them. When it comes to the job, you will find good competition, especially in government jobs. Candidates with the regular degree will get preference as they would be having lab experiences, hand on training, etc.
    So, I would suggest, if you have time and financial support, please go for MCA, that too in regular mode (which is again difficult after this gap) and then try for a job. If you want, you can work part-time to earn a bit by taking tuitions, working in computer coachings in a part-time manner, etc.


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  • I have also done MCA from regular mode in 2015 . What are my chances to getting a job in Govt. sector?

  • Frankly speaking, the job opportunities specifically for computer application students are very limited in Government. But you can always apply for thousands of Government jobs of general nature. You can also apply for lectureship/teaching jobs in Government Colleges and schools in your own field.

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  • Now that you have clarified that you have also done your MCA, chances of your getting a Government job seem to be that much brighter. However, please do note that you may be treated with ordinary graduates for the purposes of Government employment. At least in Tamil Nadu, the Government gets all the software done through external support, and once in place, even a matriculate with a very ordinary knowledge of basic computing, can operate and deliver all services. In the various outlets that are indirectly or directly controlled by the Government, the temporary or contract staffing is going on.

    I do not know about your State, as you have not mentioned where you belong to. Nevertheless, you can straightaway contact your nearest Government office for digital services and talk to the officials, who will clearly explain the criteria for you to get into Government service. You may allow refer to Government websites that might offer you some guidance in this regard.

    All the very best.

  • At the time of your completing BCA that university or institution was recognised. So on that account there is no problem for you.

    Afterwards, you have competed your MCA also. Now you can try to make a career in various lines like teaching in computer institutions or applying for computer related jobs in the industry in general and private or Govt departments in particular. Nowadays experience and specialisation play an important role in career making and you have to keep that in mind.

    You can do some specific diploma or certificate course in networking or system management or data base management which can give you an edge over the other candidates in the fray.

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