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    About TCCL set top box and where to complain

    Do you want to complain about a set top box? Looking out for information about where to complain? Find suggestions from experts on this Ask Expert page and decide the right place to complain.

    We have shifted to new house and so we need new cable connection. We asked to our house owner who gave us the cable TV operator number but the operator said to buy set top box and with his compulsion we bought it. Totally we paid Rs.1100 without receipt( He doesn't provide). But the set top box is clearly mentioned "Not for sale" and in the MRP section denotes "Thamizhaga cable Tv pvt ltd.
    But I need to clarify so I called to tactv. At the time I don't know I is under which government and still confused with "Thamizhaga cable TV and where to complain?
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  • Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV corporation is a government-run cable TV service to provide people with cable services at affordable prices. There are press reports requesting people not to pay for the setup box (

    Firstly, please consider is it worth the time and effort. Such irregularities happen in places. Secondly, please check whether you filled in a form for getting the setup box free.

    If you want to proceed with the complaint. Please discuss with your homeowner and the cable guy informally and agree for a simple solution. If not then you can consider the following.

    Please read this consumer document that has clear details (page2-3) about how and when to complain regarding tactv services. (
    Alternatively, you can contact them via the grievance section.(

    The contact details for tactv is as below

    Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation Limited.,
    Dugar Towers,34 (123) 6th Floor,Marshalls Road,Egmore,
    Chennai - 600 008.
    Phone :+91-44-2843 2911
    Toll Free :1800 425 2911

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  • TCCL is a leading company in Tamilnadu dealing with set-top box cable service for television. It is a private company and not owned by Government. The service was launched in the year 2012 in December in Chennai. Since then it has quickly covered the whole of Tamilnadu as it promises TV viewing in high quality and offers cheap packages for the same.

    TCCL prices vary from 1000- 1500 rupees. It is advised to purchase the set-top box only from official operators. When you do so you will be given a receipt and a warranty bill. If they deny doing so you can meet the concerned higher authorities. Getting the bill is mandatory. Nowhere it is written that TCCL is free of cost. Still, if you have doubts regarding the same, contact TCCL through the information given below.

    Toll Free Number: 1800 102 98 45
    Landline Number: +91 - 44 - 49272222
    Email contact address:

  • TCCL is a private Sector limited company in the field of TV channels provider with cable connection. This is covering almost all the Tamilnadu. The service is not free and it is chargeable. But they say the rates are very less and they provide better services. The cost of TCCL HD set-top box is about Rs.1800 as per the information given on the website. So I suggest you study the issue carefully, discuss with your house owner and your cable provider and then take a decision. I don't think that the money involved don't require that many efforts and at the same time I doubt very much that the Set Top box is provided free of cost.
    I am giving below the details of the company.
    Customer Care
    044 – 4060 6666
    Corporate Office
    044 – 4927 2222
    Address: 9A/5, Club Road, Chetpet, Chennai-31

    always confident

  • TCCL is a private sector company offering the set - up box service at a cost specified by the company. This company being the most popular one in Tamilnadu and hence the subscribers don't mind in making the usual payment of Rs 1800/- by a way of payment for the set - up box.
    Of course, you will be provided with a genuine receipt of the said amount.
    Regarding the other condition such as warranty period, trouble free viewing of TV and other expenses in the event of non performance of the set, you may approach the Customer - care, located at Chetpet, Chennai - 31.

  • When we purchase set top box or any other accessories we should be careful to see the price and any hidden cost their in.

    There are many agents and sub agents of these service providers who come to the house and claim to provide good service but it is not so. They are only intrested in their commission and avoid making bill/ receipt to save on taxes.

    We should be careful about these people because when you go for complaint they will ask you to show the documents and if you do not have them they will not be able to provide any help.

    You can personally approach them and tell that if they do not take the remedial measures then the people in your neighborhood will not be installing anything from their shop and their reputation will be at stake. By threatening like this you may be able to get attention from them.

    Knowledge is power.

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