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    How to resolve problem of a slow working laptop?

    Worried about the issues with computer systems and laptops not working properly? Tried many solutions but nothing seems to help at all? Ask for solutions related to slow working laptop and computers over here.

    Since today morning my Dell laptop has slowed down. It is frustrating trying to open any site and even typing out text in an email takes excruciatingly long, with each letter getting typed out one at a time. Can anyone let me know what could be the reason and how to resolve this? I am able to type articles in a Word doc and open folders and work on images. It is only the online activity which is extremely slow. I initially thought the WiFi was slow and used my mobile data card, but the problem persisted.

    Further, the battery of the laptop is not charging at all despite trying out different plug point sockets too. So, finally, I removed the battery entirely and am using it now on power only. Is there a possibility that the battery has died out entirely?

    Do I need to give the laptop to a service centre to have it checked properly? Or is there anything I can check out myself and resolve the problem?
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  • Please do one favour. Right click on Taskbar. Click on Start Task Manager.

    Click on the performance tab of the window that opens. Take a screenshot and share it over here.

    Next click on the Processes tab of the same window, then click on Memory heading, sort by highest to lowest. Take screenshot and post below.

    Lastly, click on start, then right click on Computer and then click on Properties. Take a screenshot and post as well.

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  • I also had the same problem in my laptop (Toshiba make) and even after running the antivirus and cleaning programs it did not improve.

    I contacted with one repair mechanic who suggested to format the hard disk. So he first copied all the data and important files in an external hard drive and then formatted the hard drive. After this all the files were put back and he also installed the essential programs in the laptop.

    This improved the working of laptop significantly and it is still working all right. Hope this may help in your case also.

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  • I hope you have restarted your laptop. Sometimes so many issues get automatically resolved by restarting a computer or a mobile.

    If you have downloaded an app in the last 24 hour, uninstall it. Apps like 'Shareit' slow your computer down considerably. Maybe that app, if any, is slowing your Lappy.

    There could be two reasons for the laptop not charging
    a) If the laptop is older than two years, the battery might have conked, in that case you need to replace the battery.
    b) What does the charging icon in the bottom tray say? Maybe the charger could have gone kaput too.

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  • 1. After I logged out of here in the afternoon, I left the battery out of the laptop and put it back in about an hour ago after cleaning the battery and the battery compartment with the brush which had come with the cleaning kit of the Dell laptop. Then, by some miracle, when I plugged it in, it started charging! (The laptop is about a year and half old.)

    2. Next, when I booted up the laptop, which was another slow process, a notification of 'Support Assist' popped up on the screen. I clicked on that and the system ran the following - (a) Get Drivers and Downloads; (b) Scan Hardware; (c) Clean Files; (d) Tune Performance; (e) Optimize Network. Once all that was completed, I was able to log in to my Gmail and over here, too, fairly soon, and it did not take ages like in the morning. However, this was in the Edge browser only. The Chrome browser and Firefox browser does not seem to be functioning today for me.

    3. With reference to what is mentioned by Gypsy -
    (a) I have not installed any Apps like ShareIt or any other software or app at all.
    (b) Earlier, when I was trying to charge the battery, the message on the screen was that Dell 45W AC was required to charge, to check the adapter. What was happening was that the green light on the adapter was glowing, but the battery charging white light indicator of the laptop was not and that message came.

    Maybe the issue has been temporarily resolved as of now, but anyway I am attaching the screenshots as per instructions which are given in the first answer by Dr. Apurva as it will help me if the issue recurs. Please let me know what further steps are required. The first attachment to this response is of the System. I will need to attach the others with further responses as they cannot be attached in bulk.

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  • Screenshot attached of the Memory -

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  • Screenshot attached of the Performances -

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  • Screenshot attached of the Processes - note that it was a very lengthy list, so I was able to only take a partial screenshot of it.

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  • You might have downloaded something in the last 2-3 days, and it might have contained a virus. That virus could have slowed down your laptop, most probably.

    Now that you have restarted the system and have run system utilities, the system utilities have removed the problem. There seems to be no problem in the screenshots of processes running, since no process is consuming a significant amount of the memory or full memory of RAM (8 GB). (Which is because the system utilities have removed the problem.)

    Your laptop started recharging because when you cleaned the batteries and the adaptor, the dirt (which was blocking the contact between the adaptor and the pins in the charging socket of your laptop) got removed.

    So, like I said in my previous response, if there is any problem in your PC/laptop/mobile, restarting the device solves the problem most of the times.

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  • If a good laptop suddenly starts to work slowly then one of the probable reason is virus or some malware. So it is advisable to install a good anti virus like Avast or McaFee or AVG or Norton etc. This may sometimes require the formatting also which takes about half a day in installing the programs and cleaning the system thoroughly.

    Regarding the battery one thing which I can tell from my experience is that we should not use it at the 5% or below level and at such time connect the charger. The reason is that if the battery goes to 0% and computer shuts down then if you try to recharge the battery it will not recharge immediately. It will take a long time (even 10-15 minutes) before it starts charging and shows on the display. Many people during that time conclude that battery has gone bad though it is all right. So as a safe side we must take precaution of connecting the charger whenever the battery level reaches about 5%.

    Repeated instances of battery going to 0% and computer shutting down automatically will eventually damage the battery and then it will not show any sign of charging whatever time you keep it connected to the charger.

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  • You definitely have a very good configuration on your system. It tells us a few things:
    1. Shortage of memory is not a problem.
    2. None of the software is eating excess memory.
    3. You have the latest system installed. It is a 64 bit Windows 10 operating system. This reminds me of the days when I had Windows 10 installed as well. Windows 10 installs automatically. It does not ask for any permission. And when it will download its updates, it will give the most preference to the download and rest of the applications will become slow.
    Also, another thing which I had frequently observed was when these updates would finish downloading and when they would initiate to install, the system would behave in an unexpected manner. The apps would behave slow, would close abruptly, shut down would take ages and startup will be a 20 minute to 2 hour story.

    Since my system configuration is not as strong as yours, I removed 64 bit Windows 10 and installed 32 bit Windows 7 operating system. Now it is doing fine.

    I thus checked for recent Windows 10 updates and I found this page on the Microsoft Windows 10 web page:

    This page is published on 24th October 2018. It shows multiple new features have come up on the latest update. It shows a lot of support for Android on Windows. Interesting stuff! But sadly, I miss it.

    Thus, till the time you have 64 bit Windows Operating system, please expect such slowing downs. There is no other option to it.

    Apart from the above, your battery experience tells us a few stories. The dusting of the battery helped to get the battery to function well. Check for cleaning instructions for your laptop.

    If you are comfortable, then the Memory cards that give you the 8 GB memory are worth to be removed, clean on
    their connecting parts and reinstalled.

    Also, try to keep your laptop in a room where outside dust can be the least.

    Hope this helps you to improve your laptop health.

  • Today morning again the battery was not charging. I had to do the rigmarole once more of removing the battery, using the cleaning brush and putting it back. Jut now, yet again the same problem has arisen. So it looks like each time the battery does not charge, I will need to remove, clean and replace it.

    Should I have it checked by the people at the Dell service centre (a new authorized one has recently opened nearby)? If the battery needs to be replaced entirely, wouldn't it very expensive? Any expert can tell me the approximate cost of it? Can I just use the laptop long term on power only, without the battery?

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  • Since you are facing the problem of charging again, even after cleaning the charging ports, most probably (98%) the problem is with the adaptor. 1% can be with the charging port in the laptop, and the other 1% could be battery. The battery should be okay since the laptop is not more than 1.5 year old, unless you keep the charger plugged in even after the battery has charged fully.

    These days, wires of the adaptors are not fully made of copper, the best conductor of electricity. These days the wires are made up of alloys, that's why they do not last long enough. Maybe the wire of the adaptor is the culprit. Just shake the wire of the adaptor a bit and check whether laptop starts charging or not. If the charging icon at the bottom appears and disappears when you shake the adaptor wire, then surely the problem is with the adaptor wire.

    Now, that you are facing the problem again and again, it is advisable to take the laptop along with the adaptor to the service station. A new adaptor may cost anything from 1200-2000, and the battery will cost around 2000. Keep it in mind that only one thing of the two things (battery and adaptor) can be faulty at any given time. Both the things cannot be faulty at the same time.

    If you have a spare working adaptor from any old laptop with the same charging pin, then you may attach the spare adaptor to your laptop to check whether your laptop starts charging or not. If it starts charging then the problem is with the new adaptor, otherwise it could either be the charging socket or the battery of the laptop.

    Moreover, if the laptop is in warranty, then it should be taken to a service station straightaway instead of trying to find out the culprit.

    Edit:- Wait a sec. You asked whether the laptop can be used on power only, without the battery. You mean to say that you are using the laptop without battery and with the adaptor plugged in. If that is the case, it means the adaptor and the charging port in computer are OK and the fault lies either with the battery or could be some software problem too. Better you take it to a service station immediately.

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  • In some of the laptops if battery is drained fully the laptop automatically shuts off but it sometimes so happens that battery is damaged or dried up as they technically call it. In such cases the only resort is to change the battery. A laptop battery can cost anything between Rs 1500 to 3000.

    About 7-8 years back it happened with me on my laptop which was incidentally Lenovo make. At that time I took it to the service centre and as it was under warranty they changed the battery free of cost telling me that in some places the same thing was reported and they were giving this prompt service to the customers. Anyway, after that, a few months later the same situation repeated and battery got fully discharged as I forgot to connect charger in time and the battery went bad. By that time the warranty period was over and as the problem was repeating I did not buy a new battery and used the lap top by connecting it to the mains directly through the charger.

    As the electricity supply was very good in the area I was residing, I used my laptop comfortably without any battery, plugged with the charger to the mains. It worked nicely for a 2-3 years period and by that time the laptop enveloped other problems and I replaced it with a new one.

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  • After my last response, the laptop worked just fine for two days, with no slow-downs or battery charging issues. Yesterday, though, again I did have to remove the battery and replace it before it was getting charged. Today morning, it got charged via a socket different from the usual one into which it is plugged. The booting up is also slower than usual. So I think I will take the laptop for a general check-up after Diwali.

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  • Try following
    1. Do de-fragmentation of operating system hard drive.
    2. When was battery purchased? Usually after a year any battery hardly last one hour. So plan to buy new if it is used too much.
    3. Your memory and CPU is hardly getting used. There must be issue with battery. Check Resource Monitor to analyze in depth utilization of processes memory utilization.

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  • So, what was the final diagnosis? (Assuming it was taken to the service centre.)

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  • Update: Thankfully, everything seems fine now. I did not have to take it to the service centre at all. I have decided that whenever the Support Assist notification pops up, I will use it to clean up the system as it was helpful when it appeared a second time about a week ago.

    I appreciate the helpful in-depth advice given by everyone and will revert back if required (hope the need does not arise, though!).

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