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Refusing Technical Resignation

Facing a problem with joining an autonomous body of government of India? Wondering if one organization can refuse a technical resignation? You can check out the responses from our experts here.

Probable issues and solutions after loss of certificates

Are you being troubled by the fact of having lost your original academic certificates? Are you in doubt whether someone may misuse it? Follow this thread for the possibilities and solutions suggested by our experienced members.

A doubt regarding paternal property rights

Are you facing some issues with regard to your rights to your paternal property? Are you facing a threat of being denied the rights by someone who is claiming the rights? Follow this thread to get to know about your rights and the legal recourse available in case of need.

How to make third person as my Legal Heir

want to know how to make non relative a legal heir? Searching for detailed set of steps and procedure to do so? Here, our ISC experts have provided suggestions to make a non blood relation or relative a legal heir.

Can I marry my second cousin (from maternal side)

Have a query about marrying in the maternal side of the family? Want to know the legal implications? Find advice from our experts on this page which will help you to decidefurther plan of action.

Parking in front of shop at main road

Confused if one can be fined if vehicle is parked in front of the shop in the designation parking lane? You can browse this page for answers from our experts and understand if given a challan.

Can matrilineal second cousins marry?

Unsure whether or not marriage can take place between matrilineal second cousins? Find out from experts if this is acceptable as per the laws in India and in your State.

Difference in surname spelling in documents

While applying for a job, would it be a problem if the spelling of your surname in your documents and that of your parents are different? Check out this thread to know more about such issues and the solutions.

More capital letters in signature

Is there any standard norms for usage of capital letters in signature? Worried if it is not valid nad one needs to change the signature? Find advice from experts on this page.

Undated cases with a stay on recruitment

Did you apply for a PSU job and it has got caught in a legal wrangle with no date allocated by the High Court for a further hearing for many years? Find out what further legal steps you could take and whether or not that recruitment will go through.

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