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Legal dispute on property inheritance.

Are you facing any issues with regard to the inheritance of family property? Check out this thread to know the legal and practical solutions and the steps that can be initiated by you to regain your rights to the property.

Supreme court judgement of BTech distance education

Have a query about distance education BTech program through lateral entry? Looking out for the supreme court judgement regarding this? On this Ask Expert page check out the advice provided for your queries.

Sudden unexpected death of my sister

Have you got any doubts about tackling legal issues connected to the death of a lady within a period of seven years of wedlock? Are you confused as to how you should proceed? Just follow this thread to know more about the issue.

Legal Marriage in India on paper

Have a query about legality of marriage? Searching for detailed norms about the Hindu Marriage act? No worries, on this page our experts shall resolve your queries.

NOC During Probation in Govt service

Working in a government autonomous institution? Looking out for information and rules regarding how to get NOC during notice period? Find suggestions to your question from experts here.

Marriage Registration documents

Have a query about marriage registration documents to be submitted to the Indian army? Looking out for the process for document submission? On this page you can check out the advice provided by experts for your query.

Details about Sapinda relationship

Are you having a query regarding the Hindu Marriage act? Want to know whether a particular relation is legal or not? Here, on this Ask Expert page find legal advice for your query.

Advise on Change in surname in passport for my spouse

Facing an issue with name in passport? Worried how one can apply for a passport and how one can change the name ? Go though this page where experts have provided answers and suggestions to resolve this issue and enable a person to travel abroad.

Change of name in Army documents

Want to know how to change the name in army documents in case of mismatch? Looking out for detailed procedure to do so? Find responses from experts to all your queries here.

Legal Documentation (Correction of Date of Birth)

Want to make a correction in legal documentation? Searching for detailed procedure to correct age in the date of birth certificate? On this Ask Expert page you can check out advice provided for your queries.

Property Distribution between Children if no Will is made

Facing issue with property distribution rules in case there is no will? Searching for legal advice regarding what to do, compensation to be paid, registration process, documentation requirements and process etc. ? No worries, our legal experts from the ISC team shall guide you with advice to proceed ahead.

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