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Changing caste category from father's to mother's

Want to mention your mother's caste category instead of that of your father for the purpose of academics, job, etc? Know how to make the change a valid one as per the laws.

Wife not returning from mother's home

Are you suffering from a marital problem? Want to know further plan of action is spouse does not return home several times? Find advice from our experts on this page and prepare a plan to get your spouse back.

What is Sapinda relationship

Looking for an explanation on Sapinda relationship and whether marriages prohibited under it? Check out this page for details.

Judicial review and judicial activism

Have a query about juducial review and judicial activism? Looking out for detailed information here? Our experts have provided responses for your query along with indfromation regarding judicial restraint and judiucial overreach.

Which sign must I do in applying for Haryana police

Do you have mismatch in signatures in various marksheets? confused which one should be used for applying to Haryana police? Our experts have jotted their suggesions here which will help you to proceed ahead.

Can I change sign in 12th marksheet

Facing an issue with signatures being diffrent in various marksheets? Searching for how to do this online? Here, on tyhis page our experts shall provide you with guidance to make the change.

How to check if the Land or Property is legally verified?

Interested in knowing if a flat, land or property is legal or not? Wondering how to avoid fraud and identify if the land is genuine and can be purchased? Do go through this page where our ISC experts have provided answers to your question.

Regarding good coaching for CLAT

Want to prepare for CLAT? Searching for suggestions for coaching which can be joined from home and not residential? Here, on this page find suggestions from experts.

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