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Regarding good coaching for CLAT

Want to prepare for CLAT? Searching for suggestions for coaching which can be joined from home and not residential? Here, on this page find suggestions from experts.

What are laws for dogs in society

Worried about the stray dogs roaming here and there in a society or residential area? Look what are the laws related to this creature.

Custody of child as per Indian law for divorced or separated parents in India

Do you have questions regarding custody of child after divorce or separation? Looking out for the normss according to Indian law here? Check out this Ask Expert page where you can get all the required information.

Regarding my employee benefits

Have a query about gratuity, employee benefits and rules regarding resignation? Searching for the correct norms for the above? Here, our epxerts have answered your questions.

Is it possible to sell products online without a GST Number?

Not sure if the GST number is a mandatory requirement for selling products online? Legal experts will explain whether or not you must necessarily have a valid GST number in order to sell a product online and whether it is applicable to all products or only specific ones.

Judicial review and judicial activism

Have a query about juducial review and judicial activism? Looking out for detailed information here? Our experts have provided responses for your query along with indfromation regarding judicial restraint and judiucial overreach.

Regarding benefits of reservation

Want to know the benefits of reservation, affirmative acton and protective discrimination? Searching for detailed information about these terms? Find suggestions from here for your queries.

Whether FIR can be registered at two places

Do you have confusion regarding FIR registration? wondering if FIR can be reigstered in two different state? Here on this Ask Expert page you can find responses from experts for your query.

Can I marry my maternal second cousin?

Do you want to marry your second cousin? Know if your relationship fall under SAPINDA category of Special Marriage Act and whether your marriage will be legal or not.

Query regarding signature

Facing a doubt regarding signature? Want to know if it can be part of a name or should include both first nad last name? Find responses from ISC epxerts for your query here.

How to become a Tahsildar?

Do you want to become a Tahsildar? Read our experts' views that what qualification is required for this purpose and how to be a Tahsildar.

Legal dispute on property inheritance.

Are you facing any issues with regard to the inheritance of family property? Check out this thread to know the legal and practical solutions and the steps that can be initiated by you to regain your rights to the property.

Supreme court judgement of BTech distance education

Have a query about distance education BTech program through lateral entry? Looking out for the supreme court judgement regarding this? On this Ask Expert page check out the advice provided for your queries.

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