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Query about child not wanting to go to school

Worried about a child refusing to go to school? Looking out for detailed reasons to get the child back to studies? On this Ask Expert page, you can check out the advice provided by experts for all your queries.

Vitamin D drops and other medication

Have a query about medication given to a newly born baby for cold and cough? Searching for medical advice on the web? Here, on this page you can get ample valuable advice from experts for your queries.

How increase weight of my child?

Feeling concerned about your child's health? Is your child not gaining required weight? Know home remedies and other health tips to increase his/her weight.

Is walking on toes normal for a 18 months old child?

Wondering whether it is normal for your 18months old son to walk on his toes all the time? Follow the responses at this Ask Expert page to know whether it would be necessary to consult an expert Pediatrician for this behaviour.

Which health drink is best for toddlers?

Not sure which is the best health drink for a toddler? Let our experts help you to make a better selection from the current brands available in the Indian market.

How to cure Dengue in children?

Looking for information about what can be given to a child suffering with Dengue? Ask for opinion and suggestion regarding Dengue fever and its treatment and home remedies.

First step to be taken when a child has fever

Worried about your child getting a sudden fever and the doctor is not available? Take expert advice and guidance on how to quickly deal with a feverish child when the doctor is not available on call.

Swelling of neck, high fever for 5 days, rashes in mouth and throat

Need paediatric consultation for swelling and rashes in neck & throat and high fever for kids? Follow responses here to find out more about swelling in neck, body and face in kids 3yrs+. Also know What is Kavasaki disease and what are the symptoms and treatment of Kavasaki disease?

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