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Are you looking for opinions and suggestions to your queries related to health and need information about illnesses? Wondering which home remedies will work and help you for your troubles? Or would you need to visit a doctor at clinic for proper medicinal treatment? Ask members in IndiaStudyChannel about what steps can be taken to quickly get or provide relief from suffering and get away from illness. Ask question related to complementary medical systems like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani and Siddha or get to know more about what is surgery and opinions about different surgeries. Get opinion about your eye problems from experts relating to Opthalmology. Girls and women can get their doubts about private issues with complete anonymity from experts related to Gynecology and other feminine issues. Browse through categories about other ailments to know opinions and suggestions about other health problems and if you do not find any solution about your trouble, feel free to ask your question right away over here.

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Low blood platlets and high billrubin

Have a query about low platelet count and high bilurubin? Looking out for the reasons and wondering if this is genetic? On this ask Expert page, find responses to your concerns.

How to get a sound and undisturbed sleep?

Suffering from a sleep disorder? Looking out for some good remedy part from sleeping pills to resolve the issue? Check out this page for advice from our ISC experts for resolving your disorder.

Which is best Self-reporting app for COVID-19

Interested in knowing the best self reporting app for Covid-19? Wondering which one will provide the most accurate results? On this page our experts will provide you the link of the app so that you can get your answer to the question.

What are the myths about COVID-19?

Want to know all the myths around COVID-19? Searching for the various myths spread by people and WHO guidelines to fight these myths and the virus here? Scroll through this page and get answers for your query from experts.

How to get rid of cough congestion

Suffering from cough congestion in spite of doctor medication? Wondering how to get rid of this through effective home remedies or herbal methods? Check out this page and get answers for resolving your query.

Stomach pain but all reports are normal?

Suffering from stomach pain but cannot identify the reasons for the same? Searching for the reasons and remedies to resolve the pain? Here, on this Ask Expert page check out advice provided for yuor question.

About NEET 2018 BHMS & BAMS counselling

Aspiring to study BHMS and BAMS? Looking out for details of the application procedure and the counseling process? Find responses from experts for all your queries here.

Is there any issue in getting marry my cousin ?

Is it true that there may be a genetic impact if one gets married to a very close relative in a family circle? A doubt sometimes seriously affects a true love. Check this page to know the views of our experts who can guide you well in this regard.

Food items that cause heat in body

Have a query about food items which cause body heat? wondering how allopathy and ayurveda perceive the foods which produce heat? find advice from experts on this page.

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