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Who are the legal heirs of an unmarried woman

Want to know if you are a legal heir of an unmarried relative? Find out through expert advice if this is the case and whether or not you are entitled to that relative's pension and property after her death.

Spelling mistake in father's name

Worried whether any spelling mistake in your father's name can trouble you in the future? Know the best answer to this problem from here.

Right on the property of grand parents

Doubtful of claiming ancestral property rights belonging to grandparents? Check this page to know from our experts how to claim it legitimately or whether it could be justifiable to claim it.

How are judges of supreme courts appointed?

Wondering how the supreme court judges are appointed? Want to know the qualifications and the appointment procedure? Scroll through the responses from experts here and become aware of the appointment procedure.

Difference between GPA and sale deed?

Are looking for the differences between power of attorney and a sale deed? Do you want to sell any property for which you want to make a deed? Go through the answers for help.

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