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Questions & Answers

Wants to know the GSTN Registration procedure

Interested in knowing about the GSTN registration procedure? Looking out for detailed information online? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the details provided for your query.

Gold rate after import duties and GST

Planning to buy gold from abroad and confused about import duties and GST? Searching for financial advice regarding the cost, taxes and duty on the gold? Scroll through this page and get answers for all your queries from our ISC experts.

How to get children's names added to BPL card

Worried that your children's' names are not on the BPL ration card issued to you? Quickly learn from experts how to apply for inclusion of their names on the BPL card.

Initial adhoc appointment and 2nd govt job.

Are you facing any issue in joining for a government job? Worried what to do if you have taken up a job during the recruitment process but do not have NOC? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can read the advice provided by experts.

Parking van in front of my shop

Facing an issue with illegal parking in front of the shop? Wondering what to do and where to complain? Here, on this Ask Expert page you will find advice from experts so that you find a suitable method to resolve the issue.

Need suggestion to try government job

Planning to search for a government job? Searching for detailed information about how to prepare for exams and the age limit? On this Ask Expert page check out the advice for all your queries.

Effects of NPS and PRAN No. On employers

Have a query regarding taking a up a diploma based job and applying for another government job? Looking for advice on how to proceed? On this page, our ISC experts shall provide you with guidance to resolve your queries.

Can I update name on Aadhar Card online?

Have a query about making any changes on aadhar card? Looking out for resolution to your queries? on this Ask Expert page you can go through the detailed procedure to update aadhar card.

How to collect information about roads in North East?

Interested in collecting information about the roads in North East? Searching for the detailed information regarding the graphs, statistics and budget involved? On this page our ISC experts shall provide you with the required information.

Procedure for Interstate transfer of private vehicles

Have a query about inter state transfer of vehicles? Looking out for the detailed procedure to carry out the transfer? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the detailed procedure, list of agencies who can help you in this regard.

Name variation in 10th certificate and graduation degree

Facing a name variation in any certificates? Worried about what do in case of document verification for government job? Check out this page and get advice for how to resolve this issue and correct the name in the certificates.

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