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Legal age of marriage for women in India

Do you have a query regading the legal age for marriage in india? Looking out for the details of this bill? Find answers from our experts on this page and know the best marriagable age for women.

President vs Prime Minister in the USA and India

What is the main diffrence between US - President and India -PM? Interested in knowing who is more powerful? On this page, our experts shall respond to your query so that you can get enlightened.

What is the meaning of economic task force?

Interested in knowing all about the economic task force? Want to know its meaning, and the tasks to be undertaken by the task force? Here, on this page our experts shall provide you answers to understand the task force.

How to correct mistake in identification mark?

Are you facing any problem with regard to the mention of a wrong identification mark in your certificate? Are you worried about its implications? Get an answer to such queries in the responses to this thread.

Wants to know the GSTN Registration procedure

Interested in knowing about the GSTN registration procedure? Looking out for detailed information online? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the details provided for your query.

Gold rate after import duties and GST

Planning to buy gold from abroad and confused about import duties and GST? Searching for financial advice regarding the cost, taxes and duty on the gold? Scroll through this page and get answers for all your queries from our ISC experts.

Need suggestion to try government job

Planning to search for a government job? Searching for detailed information about how to prepare for exams and the age limit? On this Ask Expert page check out the advice for all your queries.

Can I update name on Aadhar Card online?

Have a query about making any changes on aadhar card? Looking out for resolution to your queries? on this Ask Expert page you can go through the detailed procedure to update aadhar card.

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