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Want to know if a particular skin lotion will add a glow to your skin? Need advice on cracked nails? In this Ask Expert section of health you can submit all types of questions related to the beauty aspect of health. Get answers to your queries on wrinkles, anti-aging creams, make up, etc. You will get detailed expert advice and tips about maintaining a beautiful body, be it your skin, hands, feet, face, eyes, etc.

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Is Microdermaabresion helpful for men?

Want to know whether Microdermaabresion is helpful for men or not? Find out how Microdermaabresion can help and how many sessions of Microdermaabresion are required for complete cure.

Use of body hair for Humans(Men and Women)

Have a query about the use of body hair for both genders? Wondering about its use on various parts of the body, and the impact of shaving or cutting it? find advice from experts on this page.

Home remedies for Hernia

Looking out for home remedies for hernia? On this Ask Expert page you will find many home remedies.

Why men go bald and women does not?

Are you in doubt that women do not go bald? Would you like to know why baldness is more common in men than among women? Follow this thread to know more about it.

How to get best coverage on grey hair with henna

Planning to use henna for best coverage of grey hair? Searching for the best method to color the hair? Find advice from experts on this page which will help you to decide further plan of action to color the hair.

Is it advisable to apply coconut oil on face?

Have a query about using coconut oil on the body apart from hair? Searching for advice here? On this Ask Expert page you can read the suggestions and decide whether to use coconut oil.

Maintaining black shining hair

Have a query about ageing hair? Looking out for remedies on the web to keep hair always shining and black? You can get ample advice from experts for yuor query here.

How to use black cumin seeds for hair growth?

Are you experiencing loss of hair after recovery from a fever? Would you like to know whether cumin seeds can help in controlling hair fall and promote hair growth? Listen to what our experts have to say about this query.

Ayurvedic hair remedies for thick and hair growth

Facing a problem with hairball? interested in knowing the best home remedies, specifically the Ayurvedic ones? Scroll through this page and get resolution for reducing hairball by using home remedies like hair make and hair oils from our ISC experts.

Need help for very dry, rough and wavy hair

Undergoing some issue with hair? Wondering how to remove dryness, roughness and waviness? Go through this page and understand whether hair straightening is a solution to redeem your personality?

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