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I am engaged but am confused about getting married

Are you confused whether you would be able to love your fiance? Are you feeling stressed whether your marriage would work out? Are you mentally worried? No issues. Just read the advises and opinions of our experienced members in this thread and relax.

How to overcome Hindu traditional horoscope issues

Is your marriage to your lady love stuck due to mismatch of horoscopes? Are you looking for alternatives or a way to overcome the problem? Check out this thread for expert opinions in this connection.

Legality of marriage with a second cousin and related issues

Unsure about the legality of marriage with a second cousin and looking for advice on convincing your parents? Find out the law related to Sapinda vis-a-vis marriage between second cousins from the mother's side and if acceptable by law how to convince one's parents.

What should I decide about my life?

Do you have a query about how to convince parents for a love marriage? Want to get suggestions and advice here? Scroll through this page and get answers to resolve your concerns.

Rights of children of inter religion marriages

Have you married outside your own faith and are unsure about the rights of your children to property that you own in India? Know about the laws in India that govern the property rights of children born to inter-faith couples.

Marriage Discussion will law be a problem .

Do you have a query regarding marrying within extended family? Searching for marital and legal advice here? Scroll through this page where our experts have answered your question and provided you guidance.

How we can handle this situtaion

Are you facing difficulty in convincing parents and siblings for an intercaste love marriage? Interested in finding techniques to resolve this situation? Sccroll through this page for responses from experts.

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