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Naming the house on our mother's name

Are you shifting to a new home? Want to know the most apt name for the house? Find suggestions from our experts on this ISC Ask Experts page and decide how to name the house after your loved one.

Why onion and garlic are cursed in Hinduism?

Have a query about how onion and garlic are considered in Hinduism? Searching for detailed answers here? Find responses from expets on this page and understand why onions and garlic are considered cursed.

What does advaita vedanta philosophy says?

Want to know all about advaitra vedanta philosophy? Looking out for detailed information here? On this Ask Expert page check out the answers to all your queries regarding advaita vedanta philosophy.

What are ways to reach vishnu lokha or attain moksha?

Interested in knowing all about vishnu loka or moksha? Want to know how if one needs to move away from materialistic desires or ifchanting is needed to attain this state? Scroll through this Ask Expert page and get answers for all your questions.

Details about Goddess Lakshmi according to Hinduism

Want to know all about goddess Laxmi? Searching for detailed information regarding the various avatars, history, purpose etc.? Find responses from experts on this page and get to know all about the goddess.

What is Mythology according tn you

Wondering what is mythology and does it really have a deeper meaning? Want to know the various perspectives on mythology? Find responses from experts here for getting insight int mythology.

Truth behind Guruji Badey Mandir, Chatapur, Delhi

Confused about the validity of guriji badly mandir, Delhi? Want to know if he is truthful since the followers are increasing by the day? Here, scroll through the Ask Expert page and plan whether to believe him or not.

Can we offer normal grass to Lord Ganesha?

Have a query about the grass offered to Lord Ganesha? Want to know if durva or doob grass is different from normal grass? Here, on this page you can check out the suggestions provided by experts for all your queries.

Query on Hindu family relationship

Confused about marriage within relation? Looking for detailed advice regarding the correct custom? Here, find advice from our ISC experts for your question.

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