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Questions & Answers

Best health insurance

Having a question about the best health insurance? wondering which one is the best medical insurance policy in India and what is the annual premium? Here, on this page our experts have responded to your query.

Which is better option, ULIP or mutual fund ?

Want to get some advice regarding an investment decision? Interested in knowing the main difference between ULIP or mutual fund? No worries, you will be able to make a good decision once you go through the advice provided by experts here.

Selecting a Medical Insurance for self and family.

Facing a difficulty in choosing an appropriate medical insurance? Confused between medical insurance, health insurance and life insurance? On this page ISC experts shall respond to your query so that you can choose which one to opt for.

How can I buy insurance for my new car?

Planning to get Insurance coverage for your new car? Here are few tips from our ISC experts to identify a good Insurance company which offers best deal and coverage for your vehicle.

Is it Zurich international worth for insurance?

Have a query about Zurich International insurance? Wondering if it gives good return and is worth it? On this page get advice from finance experts for your query.

Which is the best insurance for siblings?

Planning to take a medical insurance cover? Wondering which is the best scheme for siblings and its benefits? You can read the suggestions provided on this page and decide the best option.

What is Term insurance?

Are you interested in knowing more about term insurance? Looking out for detailed information? On this Ask Expert page check out detailed responses to your query.

What is the procedure to change my LIC agent?

I want to change my LIC agent, and also want to delay my premium payment. Is bothe delaying and changing LIC agent possible? What happens when I withdraw my LIC policy before maturity?

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