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Seeking an effective solution for severe arthritis

Suffering from server arthritis? Get expert advice from the responses below on the right treatment and medications to deal with severe levels of arthritis.

Calorie burning excercise for back pain patient

Need to do calorie burning exercises but suffer from back pain? Get expert opinions and good advice in this thread on which are the best exercises to burn calories which are effective for a patient having back pain.

Advice for making a proper decision for Cervical osteophytes

Are you distressed by the pain because of the problems in your bones and other supporting structures? Looking for a good solution for your troubles but confused what can be done exactly? Ask our Doctors and Health Experts in ISC for proper guidance.

Treatment of Pain in shoulder?

Are you having acute pain in shoulder without any visible reason? Learn what might be the cause of sudden shoulder pains, how to prevent and cure shoulder pains, natural therapies, yoga treatments and more.

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