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What is the use of GSTIN for salaried employees?

Have you heard about GSTIN? Looking out for details and whether it is useful for salaried employees of a private firm? On this Ask Expert page you can scroll through the answers to all your queries.

How tax to be paid is calculated in india ?

Wondering how income tax is calculated in India? Looking out for infromation online? Find responses from our experts on this page which will help yuo to understand tax calculations.

Query regarding filing GST returns for Clinic

Having a question about filing GST returns for a clinic? Searching for detailed rules and regulations for providing services in a day care clinic? Scroll through this Ask Expert page and get answers for your query.

How can I avail tax benefit of home rent paid by me?

Have a query about tax benefit accrued due to home rent if one takes benefits of interest and principal amount? Looking out for information regarding income tax returns? Here, our ISC experts shall respond to your query.

Income Tax rebate of Rs.2000.00

Wondering about the tax rebate if income is less than or equal to 5 lakh? Not sure about how the calculation would be done for the coming financial years? Ask our tax planning experts in ISC for correct details.

Tax rebate on home loan pre construction interest

Are you searching for how ot get rebate on home loan pre construction interest? Looking out for answers online? No worries, scroll through this page and decide how to split the interest in several instalments.

Tax liability for property

Are you owning mortgaged property with a liability & wish to sell it? Get financial advice here on what are the taxes you need to pay when repaying liability on mortgaged property and before buying new property.

How to withdraw EPF when you change your job?

Have a query about EPF? Searching for detailed information about to withdraw money from EPF if a person has changed a job? Scroll through this page and find responses from experts for understanding the procedure for withdrawing money once you switch is job.

When one can withdraw money from PPF account?

Want to know the rules for withdrawal from PPF account? Searching for the rules here? No worries, find responses from experts on this page which can help you to decide how to and how much to withdraw from PPF account.

Who needs to submit Income Tax Return?

Have a query about IT returns? Searching for the detailed information about who needs to file the IT returns? Find responses from experts for your questions here.

Is the income from online part time job taxable?

Are you wondering if online income is taxable? Looking out for advice from financial experts to know whether it needs to be declared and under which section? Find answers for your queries here.

Need to know the Income tax calculation

Want to know how to calculate income tax from net salary? Looking out for detailed calculation procedure here? Find responses from experts for your query here.

Query about income tax return form

Have a query about income tax return form? Wondering which form to fill while getting income from salary, LIC commission and mutual funds and shares? Find advice from experts here.

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