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Questions & Answers

Is there any effective cure for vitiligo?

Suffering form vitiligo and want to know the effective cure? Searching for 100% treatment of the disease? Here, find medical advice from our ISC experts to resolve your query.

Fish and Fish oil tablet

Have a query about the usage of fish or fish oil tablets? Searching for the reasons why some people suffer from side effects if they have fish? Scroll through this page where our ISC experts have responded to your queries.

How to get rid of dandruff/dry scalp for good?

Confused between dandruff and dry scalp? Searching for advice to remove the same and thus resolve scratching, itching and avoid getting bald? No worries, on this ask Expert page check out the advice and suggestions.

Suffering from fungal infection from last 6 month

Suffering from fungal infection for many months? Looking out for root cause of the problem and good remedy to resolve the issue? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the advice provided and to know the remedies.

Which water based foundation or BB cream should I use?

Interested in knowing the best creams reducing pimples? Searching for skin related advice and home remedies apart from facials and beauty or makeup products? Find advice from ISC experts on this page and decide how to become pimple free.

Skin itching during rainy season

Are you suffering from itching of skin during rainy season? Looking out for home remedies to avoid this embarrassment? On this Ask Expert page you can get medical advice and some home remedies for resolving your itchiness.

Precaution from Eczema

What is Eczyma? Is Eczyma heridetary? What are the precautions and treatement for Eczyma?

Home remedies for skin itching?

Suffering from skin itching? Searching for home remedies and precautionary measures to resolve this issue? Find advice from experts on this page.

How to clear blackishness in legs

Want to cure blackishness in legs? Looking out for remedies to this problem? You can read medical advice from experts here and get remedy to cure this problem.

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