Cosmetics and beauty products

There are a whole lot of brands of cosmetics & beauty products out there about which you may need feedback. Looking for an ideal bridal makeup kit? Need to know which is the best skin lotion? Unsure whether an eyeliner is safe to use? This Ask Expert section will provide detailed reviews & opinions of various cosmetics and beauty products. You can also get updates on new products of popular brands.

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Questions & Answers

Formulating Himalayan pink salt body scrub

Wants to prepare a homemade natural scrub with various ingredients and doubtful of the mixture or combination. Needs the suggestion from our Experts and check this page to know what did they say.

Best lip balm and gloss

Looking for good lip balm and gloss which retains its shine and gives some colour to your lips? Expert feedback and reviews are provided below to give you the best options.

How is it to be a consultant of Oriflame?

Interested in becoming an Oriflame consultant? Looking out for how to do so, the detailed procedure and whether it is profitable? Suggestions from our ISC experts here, shall provide you with inputs to become a consultant.

Jewellery making supplies online

Interested in knowing about online suppliers dealing with jewellery making products? Are you learning jewellery making or are you a professional jewellery designer? Follow responses here to know about online websites for jewellery making products like beads, hooks etc.

Amway or Oriflame, which is the best?

Ever thought of making money from Amway or Oriflame? Want to know more information regaridng Amway or Oriflame? Ask our Experts for opinion about Money making companies.

Are branded hair oils good for daily use

Puzzled whether branded hair oils are good for daily use? Want to know whether branded oils are made from petroleum products? Right here, on this Ask Expert page you will get your answers.

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