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Suggestion for gas stove for kitchen

Planning to buy a gas stove for kitchen? Searching for the best among propane and wolf stoves and specific brands and pricing? Scroll through this Ask Expert page for answers to all your queries.

How to rectify refrigerator from over freezing

Facing a problem with your refrigerator? Want to know how to avoid over freezing? On this page our ISC experts shall respond to your query, so scroll through this page and resolve your query.

Problem in Water purifying system

Want to resolve issues with a water purifying system? Searching for detailed methods of solving the issue without the help of technicians? Find advice from experts here.

Can stale oil cause health problems?

Have a query about usage of stale oil? Want to know if it would cause any health problems? Here, on this page ISC experts have provided advice on whether stale oil can be reused.

Organic manures, fertilizers and pesticides that can be made from our kitchen items or wastes.

Want to understand how to make organic manure, fertilisers and pesticides from kitchen waste? Looking out for detailed information online? Here, on this page our experts shall provide your with all the answers to your queries.

How to store grains and pulses in a safe manner?

Planning to store grains and pulses for a year or few months? Want to know to avoid development of bugs and pests in them? Look out for easy and tried and tested methods to store grains and pulses on this Ask Expert page.

How much time is required to boil eggs?

Have a query about boiling eggs perfectly? Want to know the perfect technique and the gas stove temperature for boiling eggs properly and completely? On this Ask Expert page find advice from experts.

What is Cream of Tartar? How it is used in cooking?

Are you interested in knowing about the ingredient: cream of tarter? Looking out for information about this ingredient here? Scroll through this Ask Expert page and get answers regarding utility and whether there is replacement.

Best pressure cooker in Kerala

Are you looking for the best pressure cooker brand in Kerala? Follow this discussion to learn more about the best selling pressure cookers in Kerala and all over India.

Best thermal cooker in Kerala

Are you looking for the best thermal cookers in Kerala? Check out the list of best thermal cookers and the best brand in Kerala that make high-quality thermal cookers.

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