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How to get IT Python programmer job

Have knowledge of Python programming but do not possess an IT graduate degree or certification? Know with expert guidance whether or not it is still possible to acquire a job in the field.

A query regarding job as fresher

Are you desiring to join a IT MNC as a fresher? Searching for detailed information for the eligibility criteria and if a gap is eligible for the job? Find advice from our experts here.

Should I quit my Govt job and switch to software job.

Wondering whether it is wise to change job from government sector to IT sector? worried if it will be easy to find a good job after a gap of almost a year? On this Ask Expert page find advice from experts for your query.

Can I start full stack development course in 7th sem ?

Wondering if one can start full stack development course in the fourth year of engineering? Looking out for how to proceed and make a career in service based company? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you advice.

Can I switch from teaching to software IT job

Are you interested in switching your career from teaching to software? Wondering if it is possible to do so and which is the best city for IT jobs? Our experts shall provide you ample advice to prepare a plan and switch your career.

Computer Lab Assistant job description

Interested in taking up a job as a computer lab assistant? Looking out for details of certification courses and any pre requisite skills required? Check out this page for responses from experts and decide how to prepare for the job position.

Referal interview handling tips

Are you in search of interview tips? Wondering how best to get selected for the interview in case you have not joined the company where you were selected earlier? Find advice from experts on this page and decide how to crack the interview.

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