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Best Schools in Udupi Karnataka

Looking for good CBSE or ICSE primary schools in Udupi, Karnataka? Check out the list of best primary schools in the region to make an informed decision for admission for your ward.

Kg Admission at St Sebastin School Chembur

intersted in getting your child admitted to junior Kindergarten in a Mumbai school? Wondering when the admission process will commence? Check out this ISC page for all your queries.

High cost of education at private schools

Have a query about fees charged by private schools? Want to know if there is any regulatory body which addresses the greviences of parents? Find advice from experts here for your question.

Regarding admission of new child

Have a query about school admissions? Want to know the correct age eligibility and how many standards should one do before going to standard 1? Resolve your concerns based on inputs from experts on this page.

Science stream without maths

Looking for CBSE/State Board schools in Kerala which provide Science stream without Maths? Check this ISC page to know more details, if any.

Searching day school & boarding for girl

Planning to get a day or a boarding school for a girl child? Looking out for a reasonably priced school and which will provide a secure future? On this page our ISC experts shall respond to your query.

PreNursery school Admission 2019 for 4yrs old Male child

Planning to admit your child in pre nursery? Interested in knowing the best affordable nursery schools in NCR? Scroll through this page and get to know the best nursery schools which are also affordable in NCR.

For taking admission in CBSE school.

Have a query about changing from PSEB to CBSE school? Searching for details about whether the admission is possible or not? Here, on this page find advice from experts.

Fathers name in short form in 10th marksheet

Worried that your job prospects may get affected due to father's name being in an abbreviated form in your Std.X marksheet? Find out if this is a cause for worry and how to rectify the problem if required to do so.

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