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Want to remove stubborn stains from a garment or carpet? Would you like to retain the sheen of a silver utensil? This category of our Ask Expert section will help you deal with just about any & every aspect of cleaning & maintenance of your home. Find out how to keep in top condition your home's furnishings, furniture, kitchen equipment, wardrobe, etc. Know how to clean and maintain jewellery, silk fabrics, leather shoes, marble floors...just about all aspects of your home!

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Questions & Answers

Cleaning hacks or DIY for monsoon season

Requesting for DIY monsoon cleaning hacks? On this Ask Expert page you can find detailed hacks for homes and appliances tormented by insects, rodents, dampness, fungus, foul smell etc.

How to treat the bleeding coloured clothes?

Looking out for a solution to treat bleeding colored clothes? Want to know how to avoid stains on other clothes through some effective remedy? Check out this page for answers from experts and also understand how this treatment would differ for cotton and synthetic clothes.

How to clean algae

suffering from algae growth in the backyard? Wondering how to clean the place and get rid of algae? No worries, scrol through this page where our experts shall respond to your query.

How can a slippery greasy floor be cleaned ?

Tired of slippery floor below kitchen sink? Learn from experts some tips to keep kitchen floor clean. Also know more on cleaning of slippery and greasy floors below kitchen sinks or other utensil washing areas.

How to remove ink stains from clothes?

Wondering how to remove stains from clothes? Looking out for any feasible remedy? Check out this Ask Expert page for resolution to your problem.

How to clean school white canvas shoes?

Do your kid's school white canvas shoes get dirty & damaged quickly? Cleaning tips at this Ask Expert page will explain the best ways to clean white canvas shoes and prevent damage to them.

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