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Echo test result interpretation

Having a difficulty in interpretation of Echo test result? Looking out for help? Here, on this page you can find the interpretation of all the result comments provided in the report.

Nutrition and lifestyle change for cardiac patients.

Searching for nutrition tips for cardiac patients? Want details of diet chart, names of edible oils and even dieticians? You can read the suggestions from experts on this page and get all the answers you are looking for.

What should we do during sudden chest pain?

Want to learn first aid techniques to tackle severe chest pain? Know from experts and doctors on the panel how to deal with sudden chest pain and the first aid to be given to patients having chest pain or heart attack.

Does eating too much fruit raise triglycerides?

Worried about the effects of eating excess fruits as it may increase the triglycerides levels in your blood? Find out if this is a myth or a medical fact from this Ask Expert page.

Will my height increase after 19?

Are you not satisfied with your height? Feeling few extra inches of height would have heightened your confidence level? Go through the expert advises here.

How to improve circulation to the legs?

Looking for home remedies for increased and improved blood circulation? Learn how to increase and enhance blood circulation naturally to all parts of your body.

What are stents and how do they help us?

Eager to know what are stents and how they benefit? Know more about stents, how they are implanted and side effects if any.

Can a machine replace the heart?

Wondering if the human heart can ever be replaced by a mechanical system? Get views and opinions from the responses at this Ask Expert page.

Primary aid for heart attack or sudden stroke

Are you wondering about what to do when you are alone at home and then face a medical emergency like a heart attack and do not know how to survive? Ask here for information and suggestions regarding what one can do when alone and facing a medical emergency.

Reasons and effects of high heart rate

Worried about a relative having a high heart rate? Quickly get expert advice in this thread to know the possible reasons for having a high heart rate, its effecs and how to bring it down to normal levels.

Hypotension while on Dilatrend

Are you wondering how to deal with medications and differences in the opinion of Cardiologists? Wondering whether the medications are reducing her blood pressure and not allowing the heart to function normally? Ask here for more information regarding changing doses of medicines.

What is the cost of bypass surgery in India?

Having an angina problem & want to know about bypass surgery in India? Follow the responses in this thread to know all about bypass surgery - risks, age-related problems if any, costs in India & where to get it done.

What is heart palpitation and why does it occur?

Worried about what is exactly the palpitation of the heart? Searching about the complications with palpitations and the investigations to determine the diseases of the heart? Ask our ISC Doctors and Health Experts to give you precise answers.

Heart transplantation and how it will be done

Looking for information about heart transplants and its costs in India? Learn from this page in our Ask Expert section on how exactly a heart transplant is done, when it is needed, followup treatment and its costs in India.

What is the consequences of high heart beat rate ?

Have a relative suffering from high heart beat rates? Get quick medical advice here on consequences of having a higher than normal heart beat rate & what diagnosis & treatment is required to check if related to heart disease.

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