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Obtain in-depth knowledge about general ailments like recurring cough and common cold. Discover the possible causes of anaemia, recurring dizzy spells, sudden drop in blood pressure, etc. Dispel myths about slimming pills, hair fall, height spurts, etc. Ask queries related to general diagnostic tests for free. Find out about reputed specialists to consult in your city or town, understand why a particular treatment needs to be done for a certain type of illness, etc. Feel free to even ask your question anonymously and even answer a medical query with full anonymity.

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Questions & Answers

Will I fall sick with wet shoes?

Many of the people have this common doubt as to whether one would fall sick with wet shoes, particularly in rainy season. Go though this page to know about it from our experts.

How to treat a persistent Cold and Cough

Are you suffering from persistent cold nad cough? Looking out for medical advice and most effective homw remedies to beat this ailment? On this page you cna scroll through the responses and work out a permanent cure.

Which vaccine is more effective?

Confused which vacine is effective among the existing ones? Looking out for the top one among all? On this page our experts shall let you know if you should choose the one availabable or wait for an upcoming one.

How to get medicine for common cold?

Suffering from common cold? Worried how to resolve the issue in this lockdown period with no availabiltiy of doctors? Check out this Ask Expert page and get answerws for all your queries.

What are the tablets for treatment of Prostate Cancer

Do you have a question about treating prostrate cancer? Looking out for medical advice online? On this Ask Expert page you can scroll through advice and suggestions from experts and decide the line of treatment.

How to prevent Dengue fever?

Worried about catching dengue fever? Quickly know with expert advice what precautions you should take to prevent the onset of dengue fever.

Want to know about the causes of viral fever?

Are you suffering from fever? Wondering what are the causes of fever and why one its kept under medical observation? Check out this page and get answers from our experts for your question.

Is it Ok for a diabetic to eat dates, jaggery and honey?

Are you a diabetic patient or is on the brim of becoming one? Are you in doubt about the diet pattern you need to follow? Are you confused about whether eating jaggery or honey should be totally avoided? Follow this thread to know the opinion of our experienced members in this regard.

Any chances of infection for toddler

Have a query about germs, pathogens and infection? Looking out for advice online from medical experts and doctors? No worries, here on this Ask Expert page you can check out the advice and understand more about infection.

Reasons and remedy of excessive burps

Suffering from excessive burps with large sounds through the day? Looking out for remedies to resolve this issue? find suggestions from ISC exerts for your query.

Reason of swollen eyelids in the morning

Suffering from swollen eyes? Worried if this could lead to any serious issue in the future? Check out this Ask Expert page and get help from our experts regarding whether there is a need to see any physician.

Remedy for having salty feel in mouth

Want to know the reasons for salty feel in mouth and its remedy? Sure, our ISC experts would suggest you what to do and go through this page to learn more about it.

Is diabetes and constipation related?

Worried that you are getting constipation due to your diabetic condition? Get quick information on the relationship between diabetes and constipation and get advice on how to resolve this health problem.

Confused about my career

Interested in working in an MNC but having to give an arrear subject? confused how to plan the future?> No worries, on this ask expert page you can read the responses from experts.

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