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How can I use my both government jobs

Want to know how to make the best of two government jobs? Interested in knowing how to put in the resignation and transfer bank account to the new job? On this page our experts shall respond to all your queries.

How to apply for the BPL Card in India

Do you have a query about issue of BPL card? Looking out for the detailed procedure and requirements for issue? On this page scroll through the answers from our experts.

GST Number - Govt of Karnataka

Do you have a query regarding GST number procurement? Want to know the detailed process for application? Here, on this page our experts shall provide you with the detiled process.

Mistake in DSSSB form- Junior assistant realised after submission

Made a mistake filling the DSSSB form? Wondering how to correct the mistake and will this create any problem in document verification? No worries, Check out this page where our experts have responded to your query.

What to do to make caste certificate?

Want to make caste certificate? Looking out for detailed procedure to resolve the issue? Check out this Ask Expert page and get answers for how to get the caste certificate and proceed with the education formalities.

Record Clerk Incentive increment - Reg

Do you want to know about the incentive increments of record clerks in Tamil Nadu Government aided schools? Learn more about TN clerk job pay scales and incentives here.

Flats Regularised under BRS in 2010

Facing a query regarding flats regularised under BRS norms? Looking out for legal advice to resolve issue car park allotted by builder? Check out this ask Expert page and get answers for your queries.

Occupation of people in west Bengal

Looking for information on West Bengal? Find out about what is the major occupation of people in West Bengal, agriculture in west bengal and more.

Current and Permanent address vs police verification

Have a query about police verification for a government job? Wondering what to do if there is a mistake in specifying current and permanent addresses? no worries, scroll through this page and get answers to all your worries from our ISC experts and resolve this issue in police verification.

Query about MPSC Exam form regarding aadhaar error

Are you filling MPSC exam form and facing a name mismatch issue? Looking out for detailed resolution to ensure that the form is not rejected? Check out this page for responses from experts and decide further course of action regarding whether it is required to change the name.

Query about correction in certificate

Are you facing an issue with name mismatch in any of the certificates? Wondering if this mismatch will create any issue in a government job application? Find responses from our ISC experts for all your queries.

Name missing in tenth certificate and adhar card

Facing any issue in certificate and documents to be submitted for passport for visa purpose? Looking out for advice to resolve this issue? Scroll through this page for advice from our ISC experts.

Regarding NOC or Relieving letter

Have a query regarding NOC for a government job? Wondering if NOC is a must if you have already left government job? Here, on this Ask Expert page find advice from experts.

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