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Questions & Answers

Applying for a new government job

Are you planning to apply for a new govt. job without intimation to the current organization? Learn what consequences you could possibly face, if any, including legal ones.

Regarding not getting NOC from employer

Are you searching for another givernment job with the same pay scale? Want to know if oen can get NoC if Department has issued a warning for some mistake? Scroll on this page where our ISC experts have responded to your query.

Is it possible to write DO to higher ups?

What are the rules to write official letters to senior officers in a central government organisation? Can you write official letters to cadre controlling authority?

Technical resignation and lien period

Do you have a query about technical resignation with lien and joining date? Worried how the authority can delay this technical resignation? Find advice from experts on this page and resolve your concerns.

Regarding NOC for competitive exam

Are you interested in giving a competitive exam? Want to know further action if have an NOC but no replacement? Our experts shall provide you with advice to resolve the issue.

Checking my name from the PAN card database.

Have a query about usage of PAN card database? Wondering how to access this database and check your name? No worries, our ISC experts shall provide you answers to resolve tyro concern.

Regarding the issue of NPR, NRC and CAA

Have a query about the new process for proof of citizenship? Want to know all about NPR,NRC and CAA? Scroll through the page where ISC experts have provided answers for your questions.

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