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Central Government

Want to know about Central Government schemes? Have a question related to passports or visas? Submit such types of queries and get expert guidance on these and other topics related to the Central Government. You can ask questions about the latest Union Budget, Parliament proceedings, election news, etc. Check out details about the Aadhar ID, subsidy schemes, funding programs and essential Central Government plans and projects.

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Questions & Answers

How to make changes in army documents?

Facing an issue with name mismatch in any documents? Are you wanting to change name in army documents? No worries, our experts shall provide you with the official method to change the name and resolve your concern.

Deed of indemnity bond in railway

Are you having query about indemnity bond for railways? Looking out for advice on how to resolve issue regarding bond and training cost reimbursement? Find advice from experts here for your query.

Indemnity bond and the proper channel for it

Having a query about transfer of indemnity bond? Wondering what is the proper channel to transfer bonds from central to state government? On this page our ISC experts shall respond to your query. b

Are both the PG courses valid?

Have a query about what to mention in the application for a government job? Searching for advice regarding whether one can mention regular and distance mode together in the CV? Find advice from our ISC experts here for your query.

Family pension for second wife of army personnel.

Want to know about the norms for family pension of army personnel? Searching for detailed rules specifically in case of a second wife? No worries, our ISC experts shall provide you with all the detailed norms to resolve your concern.

Doubt for Document verification of civil services

Facing a doubt regarding document verification for a government job? Looking out for advice regarding the resolution of the doubt? On this ask Expert page you can check out the suggestions and advice from experts.

GOI prescribed caste certificate

Have a query about issue of caste certificate from the government? Searching for details and the procedure? Here, on this page you can check out suggestions from experts.

Issue regarding document verification

Facing an issue with use of different name in documents during document verification? Looking out for advice regarding how to resolve this issue? Find advice from our ISC experts on this page for your queries.

Role and function of (Indian)Embassy of a country

Want to know about the role, responsibilities and function of the Indian embassy? wondering what are the privileges of the embassy and people working in it and also the services provided by the embassy? No worries, find responses from our ISC experts here for all your queries.

How to give resignation from previous employer

Do you have a query about changing a government job without registration and NOC? Want to get the retained salary, and know the procedure of resignation? Resolve your worries and concerns by going through the suggestions provided by experts for your queries.

Document verification by UPSC.

Have a query about UPSC Civil Services exam document verification? Interested in knowing if notary affidavit regarding spelling error is acceptable of name has to be changed in all documents? No worries, check out the responses from ISC experts and plan further action.

Aadhaar uid not being generated

Are you have difficulty in getting aadhar card in spite of applying well in advance? Searching for advice on how to get the aadhar card? Check out this Ask Expert page and get solid advice from our experts.

Government job for Divorce case

Facing an issue in government job verification? Wondering what to do if address is changed for some reason and no original documents are in your possession? Resolve your worries by scrolling through the advice provided by our ISC experts on this page.

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