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Questions & Answers

What happens when a bank goes bankrupt?

Ever wondered what happens if a bank goes bankrupt? Searching for detailed information regarding such a situation? On this page our experts have responded to your concern.

What is the difference between savings and current account?

Are you looking out for information regarding various types of banking accounts? Confused between current accouint, savings account and zero balance account? On this page our experts have responded to your questions about bank accounts.

About online loan application

Confused if it is safe to apply for loan online? Looking out for details of how to send documents online? On this page you can find responses to your question from our experts and decide whether to proceed for the loan application.

Loan rejected after appointed bank official guaranteed approval

Are you facing issues with a bank regarding the processing of your application for education loan? Are you looking for the procedure and the appropriate forum to raise a complaint against the bank? Check out the related issues and their solutions in this thread.

What is Form No. 16 and how is it to be filed?

Do you know what Form 16 is? Are you in doubt as to the requirement of filing the form or regarding the procedure to be followed for filling the same? Please follow this thread to get guided.

Is merger of nationalized bank: good or bad

Are you having a query about merger of nationalised banks and its impact on various stakeholders? Searching for advice regarding whether it will be helpful to the customer or not? Scroll through this Ask Expert page and find answers for your query here.

Difference in FD maturity value calculation with bank

Facing an issue in calculation of maturity value of FD? confused between using year or months or days for calculation? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you the correct formula to calculate the same.

What is the meaning of Scheduled bank?

Confused about what is a scheduled bank? Learn the meaning of a scheduled bank and how it differs from other banks? Increase your knowledge about how scheduled banks differ from other types of banks.

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