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How did the Pluto die or What was the reason of its disappearance?

Do you want to know how did Pluto the planet was destroyed? Learn why people are saying that Pluto has died or has been destroyed and what are the scientific reasons behind this.

How good are the plastic mix roads?

Wondering about the viability of plastic mix roads? Searching for the technical details of such roads and suggestions for how governments can be encouraged to adopt plastic in road construction? Find advice from our ISC experts here.

System administration and performance

Are you planning to set up an active directory for domain service? Searching for detailed information to do so ? On this ask Expert page find advice from experts for your query.

How can I view Jupiter from earth?

Are you interested in viewing the planets? Want to know the best telescopes to view Jupiter from the earth? On this Ask Expert page, you can find responses for your queries.

PVC compound for soles in footwear

Have a query about the composition of PVC compound for manufacturing light footwear? Searching for detailed information here? No worries, scroll through this page and get answers for all your questions on this page from ISC experts.

What to do after civil engineering?

Are you a Civil Engineering student looking for advise on what to pursue after B.Tech.? Get free advice here on the scope of architecture after B.Tech. or whether it is better to pursue M.Tech.

Query about properties of a magnet

Interested in knowing about the properties of a magnet? Ever wondered why a magnet does not attract steel items? On this page, you can check out the science behind the magnet.

Electric field due to a linear charge

Have a question about the electric field? Looking out for answers online? Check out this page and get information about how to find electric field due to a finite linear charge at its axial line by going through the responses from experts.

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