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Make use of the free platform provided here to ask questions related to job opportunities in the field of engineering. Find out which are the best jobs available in India for civil engineers or what is the best way to land a good IT job. Get answers to your queries on petroleum engineering jobs, how to qualify for a software trainee engineering job, etc. Clear your doubts about eligibility criteria to take up a teaching job in an engineering institute. Professionals already in the engineering field can answer the questions posted here and earn part time income.

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Questions & Answers

Need help in getting IT job .

Planning to move from non technical to IT field? Looking out for advice regarding the most suitable courses which will help in procuring the job? On this page scroll through the suggestions from ISC experts.

How do I get job after doing Marine Engineering

Want to know how to get a job after studying marine engineering? Searching for detailed information regarding the best jobs and companies for the marine engineering domain? Find suggestions from experts here.

Working as Assistant Material planning manager

Are you planning to change your job in the field of mechanical engineering? Searching for detailed information regarding how to proceed? No worries, our ISC experts shall provide you with ample advice to launch your career.

Genuine suggestions for MTech ECE

Planning to opt for Masters in engineering? Searching for detailed information regarding the best private colleges which offer specializations like VLSI and good placements? Here, ISC experts shall respond to your query.

Fresher Mechanical Engineer MNC job

Looking out for companies which employ fresh mechanical engineers? Want to know about these companies and how to prepare for these openings? On this page our experts have responded to your query.

MNC delaying joining date for GET role

Do you have a question regarding joining for a GET role in an MNC? Searching for detailed advice on how to interact with HR and how long to wait for such an opportunity? No worries, check out this Ask Expert page and resolve your worries.

What should one opt after 12 PCM ?

Wondering what to study after standard 12 science? Looking out for advice regarding the best options offering good future scope? On this page you can scroll through the responses from experts Andre decide which is the best option.

Not received any formal offer letter from a top MNC

Confused what to do if awaiting formal joining letter from MNC? Confused between waiting or applying in other places? No worries, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you with inputs to resolve your queries.

How to find jobs for a Mechanical/Automobile Engineer?

Want to become a mechanical or automobile engineer? Searching for detailed information for the various domain options and future scope? Resolve your worries and decide your action plan based on inputs from experts here.

About no objection certificate

Facing a query regarding NOC for job in the railways? Looking out for detailed information regarding the norms for moving from one designation/ service to another in the railways itself? On this Ask Expert page find suggestions and advice for your concerns.

What are demerits of technical resignation

Do you have any query regarding the norms related to technical resignation? Want to know the correct details and whether one can join in extended time? Scroll through this page where out ISC experts shall provide you with advice regarding the norms.

Is it possible to get a degree after age 25?

Planning to get back to academics and obtain a degree after age 25? Know with expert suggestions if this is possible, or what certification courses you could pursue instead, for a good future career.

How can I excel as a Quantity Surveyor?

Are you having a query regarding the career option of quality surveyor in a construction firm? Searching for expert advice regarding the future growth in this track of civil engineering? Here, on this page experts shall provide you with career related advice.

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