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How to connect phone to TV with HDMI?

Interested in watching on youtube videos from mobile to a not so smart TV? Looking out for any HDMI cable which can help to watch the videos? Find responses from ISC experts on this page which can help to you know how to proceed with watching youtube videos on TV.

Sugarcane juice preservative techniques

Interested in opening sugarcane juice bottling business? Looking out for the best methods of storing the joule without losing its taste and also maintaining cleanliness? Check out this Ask Expert for advice for starting this business.

Does vacuum suck water and denser fluids?

Are you having a query regarding boiling point of liquids, their displacement in vacuum> Searching for details regarding understanding their behaviour? On this page our experts shall respond to your query.

Which inverter is good for Solar PV system?

Want to know how to select a good inverter for a solar PV system? Looking out for which inverter works best when tied to grid and electricity supply at home? Check out this page for advice from experts for a good recommendation.

Related to Automotive component - Clutch

Worried about how to prepare for a presentation? Interested in getting information from online with images and links for a better preparation? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall guide you for the presentation preparation.

Is Facebook planning to launch new Tiktok?

Want to know if facebook is planning to launch tiktok? Searching for detailed information to resolve this issue? On this Ask Expert page find responses from experts.

Does swivelling a table fan consume more electricity?

Have a query about the power consumption of a table or a pedestal fan? Searching for the information about electricity consumption in case of swivelling the fan? Find answers for all your queries from our ISC experts on this page.

What is the cost of a 3D printed model?

Planning to create a 3D printed model of a sculpture? Check out from the expert answers at this page to know the possible cost of such a model and the time it would take to manufacture it, as also if there are companies in India which would make it.

Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of a management team

Preparing for AMIE exam conducted by IEI? Want to know the detailed answer to the question on evaluation of the effectiveness of a management team? Check out this Ask Expert page for guidance from experts regarding the exact criteria which will help in this evaluation.

Discussion of Functions of Manager in detail

Preparing for AMIE exam conducted by IEI for the subject of Engineering Management? Searching detailed answer for functions of a manager? On this Ask Expert page check out the responses and proceed with exam preparation.

How to share a Google Maps location on WhatsApp?

Want to know how to share location or google maps on WhatsApp? Looking out for a detailed step by step procedure to do so? Find responses from experts on this page regarding sharing location or taking a screenshot.

How to send WhatsApp stickers?

Want to send a WhatsApp sticker? Wondering whether to do so from the whatsApp service or download from the internet and use them? On this Ask Expert page you can go through the advice provided and send Christmas whatsApp message with sticker.

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