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Questions & Answers

How reward based crowdfunding works?

Do you have questions regarding reward based crowd funding? Want to know all the details? Find answers from our ISC experts to your queries on this page.

What is crowdfunding and how it works?

Do you have a query about crowdfunding? Searching for detailed information about this platform to gather funds and launch or continue an existing businesss? On this page our experts have responded to your query.

Scope of Investment with Storage of Vegetables

Interested in knowing about investing with storing vegetables? Looking out for details here? Check out this Ask Expert page for responses from experts and understand whether it is worth investing.

Post Retirement Investment Guidance.

Are you searching for getting guidance regarding risks and returns pertaining to investments? Want to know which are best options for the investment made post retirement? Find fiancial advice from our experts here.

What are the sources of getting funds for my company?

Planning to get funds for your company? Searching for infromation about sources of funding other than crowdfund, incubators, loaning agencies like government or private firms? Find the list of possible sourcing agents on this Ask Expert page.

Best share to buy and sell

Confused about shares and online trading? Want to know which are the best shares to invest in and whether intra day trading is worth it? On this page our ISC financial experts shall provide you guidance and advice for the share trading process.

What are the tax liability for trading in equities or F&O

Have a query about trading equities of F&O? Searching for detailed information about financial advice online? On this Ask Expert page you can read the suggestions and decide how to understand the tax liability for trading in equities.

The rule of selling of Old coins

Have a query about selling old coins in another country? Looking out for detailed information and procedure to sell the coins legally? Find advice from our ISC experts on this page and decide how to sell coins legally I another country.

Sale of apartment without capital gain

Confused about investing the sale proceeds of an apartment in Mutual Funds/FD and its bearing on Income Tax. Know about this from our experts in this page.

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