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What is the full form of KERAS in Python?

Do you have a question about python programming basics? Interested in knowing what is KERAS? Here, on this page our ISC experts have responded to your query so that you can build a neural network.

Which language is the best in the job market?

Interested in enhancing coding skills? Searching for the in demand programming language? Here, on this page our experts have answered your query so that you can choose the best one.

Live Viewer Counter Setting in wix site

Want to set up a live viewer counter in wix site? Searching for ready script code which can update viewer entry or exit automatically? Here, on this page find answers from our experts.

Program to implement single/simple inheritance

Have a question about writing an inheritance program? Want to know how to declare classes to implement single inheritance? On this Ask Expert page you can check out quality replies for your question.

Program to explain multiple constructors in a class.

Want to get program solution for computer programming exam of Diploma? Searching for answers for writing program to explain multiple constructors? Check out this page where our ISC experts have provided program solution.

Program to explain virtual base class.

Studying object oriented programming and facing some doubts? Wondering what is virtual base class? No worries, prepare for exams confidently by scrolling through the solution provided by our ISC experts here.

Deleting all rows from a database table

Want to delete rows from a database table but are unable to do so due to an error? Learn from our experts how to resolve the problem and remove rows from a database table easily.

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