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Want a migration certificate from mumbai university

Do you need migration certificate from the university? Looking out for steps to get the same and does one have to visit the university for this? Here, on this Ask Expert page find answers for yuor query.

On what basis, is currency (or money) created?

Want to know how a country decides how much currency to produce? Searching for this information online? Check out this Ask Expert page where our experts have responded to your query.

Best aux headlight for the bike

Want to know about the best aux headlight for bikes? Looking out for the best brands, pricing and specifications etc.? Scroll through this page for repsonses from experts.

MA international relations - Doubt

Have a query about studying MA International Relations? Searching for detailed information regarding the requirements of this course? Here, our experts shall provide you suggestions for move ahead.

In love with a muslim man. Don't know what to do.

Have you fallen in love with an intercaste married man? Want to know further course of action? No worries, our experts shall provide you with enough advice which can guide you for a sustainable future.

Clarification required regarding forwarding of job application

Are you looking for clarification of the rule position with regard to forwarding of application for another employment through the present employer? Are you in doubt whether it can be forwarded directly to the new employer? Follow this thread for the opinion and guidance of our experts.

Details about Goddess Lakshmi according to Hinduism

Want to know all about goddess Laxmi? Searching for detailed information regarding the various avatars, history, purpose etc.? Find responses from experts on this page and get to know all about the goddess.

Query regarding form filling for XII CBSE Board

Have a query about CBSE XII board options? Wondering what to do if there is a mistake in providing options? No worries, our ISC experts shall provide you with advice to resolve your query.

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