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Make use of the free platform provided here to ask questions related to job opportunities in the field of engineering. Find out which are the best jobs available in India for civil engineers or what is the best way to land a good IT job. Get answers to your queries on petroleum engineering jobs, how to qualify for a software trainee engineering job, etc. Clear your doubts about eligibility criteria to take up a teaching job in an engineering institute. Professionals already in the engineering field can answer the questions posted here and earn part time income.

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Questions & Answers

Diploma in mechanical engineering

Planning to work in the oil and gas sector? Confused whether diploma from a UGC approved college is valuable for job in this sector? On this page, find ample advice form experts.

School teacher jobs career without B.Ed

Are you inclined to become a school teacher? Looking out for knowing the eligibility criteria for a teaching position in a school? Here, on this page get guidance from experts to become a school teacher.

Need guidance on career change

Planning to change career? Searching for guidance and advice for how to proceed and whether it is worth it? Here, on this page find advice from experts for all your questions and decide how to change your career.

Related to doing diploma in Canada

Aspiring to make a career in aerospace or aviation sector? Searching for whether it is worth it and if it has a scope for jobs in Canada? Here, on this page find advice from experts regarding the career scope of aviation and decide further course of action.

What should I do? Need career guidance

Are you looking out for career guidance in the mechanical domain? Want to know the future of jobs in oil and natural gas? Here, on this page find advice from experts.

How to get a job as a fresher

Wondering how to get a job in the mechanical sector? Searching for advice on online for how to get industrial experience? On this Ask Expert page check out advice from experts and get inputs to prepare an action plan to get a job.

Need guidance as my career is going down

Worried about your career? Searching for guidance regarding whether to change the field? Here, you can read the advice provided by experts and decide how to enhance your career path.

Career path guidance after B.Tech.

Not happy with your current job and need guidance for a better career having graduated in B.Tech.? Check out the expert suggestions provided below to getting on to the right career path.

Where to do Aircraft Designing course

Do you want to take up a course in Aircraft Designing? Follow the responses in this thread to know the institutes offering Aircraft Designing courses in India and job opportunities in this field.

Engineering Design (Aircraft Design)

Would you like to take up a short term course in Aircraft Designing? Get some good advice here on what are the short term courses for freshers in Aircraft Designing and the job opportunities for freshers in this field.

Business Development jobs in Dubai

Looking for a business development job in Dubai? Check out the list of EPC companies in Dubai to approach for applying for a business development job.

Change in career with B.Tech in E&C and IT experience

Want to switch careers from an IT job in the private sector to the government sector or to a teaching career? Know from experts whether you should go in for a PG course to make the switch and the other options you have.

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