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  • Data entry jobs are fraud or geniune?

    I am planning to take data entry job and data conversion work with an investment of Rs 5000/-.
    I want to know that these companies are genuine or they fraud the people.
    Can anyone list the genuine companies which promptly pay for the work in Hyderabad and near by cities?
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  • My friend,
    Why you are thinking of to pay 5000 rs for doing work. Have you ever heard of paying money to do work. All these are bogus, fake.
    Let me explain a case of my friend. He has taken a similar work by paying 18000 rs with the intention of getting 5000 rs for one bundle, 6*5000=30000 rs from that work. The person who has taken money was promised him that he will give 4-5 assignments per a year(30000*5=150000).
    Actually he has struggled a lot in finding people who will assist him in this typing process. Finally my friend distributed work to 6 members by paying 1500 rs for each bundle which consists of 300 pages. Means each he paid 5 rs per each page.
    On completion of assigned work to him he submitted to him who has taken money from him and allocated work. He got 6000 payment for all 6 bundles but the promised amount was 30000. My friend got angry and fired at the person but he told that "I have already given instructions that this much of quality(99% accuracy, which counts word spacing, letter case, spelling mistakes and others) is needed for getting full payment and you have not meet those requirements so this is only I can give to you."
    Actually those kind of person make use of innocent people and get advantage from their efforts.
    Be aware of all these kind of scams.
    If you really want to do typing work, just approach educational institutions near by you and ask them for work. I am sure you will get paid with decent amount.

    *Live Ur life Best ---- Do Ur Best in life*

  • Hi,
    I want to inform you that I have tried all the internet based jobs, but but I didn't find anyone genuine. I invested Rs. 1200 in starting and in this way I loose that money because the company was fraud. But ultimately I came to know about the real genuine survey based companies. Right now I am working with 5 companies and I have earned much more that I had invested and I have proof also. So if you are really interested to give Rs 5000 then I think you should invest it at better place. ~Personal contact information deleted~

    Vikas Srivastava

    Vikas Srivastava
    "Rise and Shine"-Each day and night.

  • Hi,

    I think if someone is taking money for the data entry job then that company in not trustworthy.

    My friend was involved in such type of job but now he has left it as disbursement of payment is not up to the mark.

    Will suggest you do not get involved in Data Entry Jobs by paying money.



  • Please don't try for any places for which you need to pay. This is the simple and basic rule.

  • Hai,
    I dont say all sites are fake but I accept many online jobs are fake. There are some sites which pay you regularly. If you want to be on safer side you have to choose a site offering a work without investment. My friends are earning in data entry sites without any investment. Sites like offer projects in that you have to select data entry work for that you have to made a bid against that work, if your bidding is acceptable then you will be offered to do that work and you will be get paid, few of my friends earning so that's why I'm suggesting you. If you want, give a try on those sites.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • hello dear,
    i am trying to find a data entry job from last 2 years.
    but everywhere i find sites asking to invest some money i think these all sites are fake.
    i have not invested anywhere.
    i have found a new data entry job without investment. if i found it going well i will inform you.
    but for now my suggestion is that please dont waste your valuable money on these frauds


  • I have been earning part-time from internet and I did conclude with all the experience that the company thats asks for money as joining fees/registration is not to be trusted. There is no logic as to why would anyone ask for money if they want to offer you a job i.e you should be geeting paid for helping them with their work and not give them money instead!!
    Also, may sites fake payment proofs. Many of them also claim earning about 50$ per hour. If that would have been the case, everyone would have been doing these jobs and become rich by now!!


  • I have invested Rs.3250 for an offline data entry job. But it does not worth it. He assured me that he will pay Rs.8000 for every project completion. Then I finished and gave it to him and he called me after a week and said that you have made more mistakes and I cant offer you anymore projects. From then I have stopped searching for data entry jobs. But I have put all my efforts to make the project error free.

  • It is Fake. Dont trust such investment Jobs.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am here to explain the mathematics behind these fraudulent Data Entry Jobs.
    First thing that you all need to understand that when these companies ask for money (Suppose they ask for 3000 Rs ), and then they assign you the job, then don't think that you are the only one assigned that task. They assign the same task to 10 other innocent people like you who have paid too (10*3000 = 30000 Rs.). Then of course, their tasks are not that easy one. Only 1 out of those 10 person is able to complete it on time, let go of the accuracy. Then these companies give half of the earned amount above (15000 Rs.) to that 1 person, while all the rest lost their money. But company gains 15000 Rs. from these innocent people too, and will get more money from companies whose data entry that person has performed. Such basic mathematics, these fraudsters do to play with money of innocent people. They investment nothing, still makes money by cheating.

  • Hi members,
    Data entry jobs are legal jobs. I want to tell you that check reviews of company before applying for job.

  • Hello,

    I agree to the all the comments mentioned above.My Personal experience says that earning money online is not easy task.There could be a lot of advertisements promising to pay a lot for the work done.But all these have some strategy to play around.Last one year,I was searching a lot in the internet to earn money quickly and with no investments.I really failed to come up with any one such site that is genuine.We cannot expect to become rich in one night. Definitely we can earn money through online,but with hard work and knowledge.The money earned through hard work ,definitely sustains for long.

  • Hi All,

    After reading all the comments and feedbacks, I thought to share my own experience. I was also fooled by one site, where they asked 2400 Rs as joining fee and contract registration. They provided me a copy and paste work, their initial advertisement was like earn 3000 per day by just working on free hours whenever you want. But after getting the project i got to know that it was impossible to earn more than 100 rs per day that too after spending 3-4 hours continuously on that work.

    Later I tried some captcha typing where I did my work best, but they mentioned like most of them are incorrect and our software are not capturing your work. After that registered on these, website to get work online, but its very tough to get the project high numbers of bidders.

    My conclusion is that work where money investment like give me so much you can earn this much all fake and rat trap to make us fool. Be safe from this fraudulent sites.

    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

  • We should be very careful from the street cheats and bogus companies who are making fool of gullible people.
    Please remember no one will come to your door offering you a job or assignment. Getting a job or assignment is itself a very tedious process whether in the physical world or online. World is full of cheaters and fake companies who will give all type of assurances to us but will disappear from the scene as soon as they have got some sort of registration fee from you.
    We must be cautious from such fraudulent people in our life otherwise we will be totally misled.
    You can join a data entry operator job in some private organization or small company and after getting experience switch to a good company and start earning salary according to your qualification and performance.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The thread posted almost six years ago and whether posting of a response to this thread would be hopeless and helpless to the person posted the thread. However, as per my experience, I have heard of such instances that the online data entry jobs are maximum on the fake side only. Whosoever would love to do the data entry job, there are so many direct entities offering such jobs and there will be no kind of financial investment. I would suggest not to opt the online data entry jobs.

  • Data entry jobs are genuine. However, a fake one will ask for registration fees. Sites like mega typers are free to join but are not recommended because of the following reason.

    1. Tough to earn monies. You get $0.01 cents for single task. Along with these, your typing skills are measured.
    2. You are helping Spammers to get their job done with ease.
    3. In a good country like India, Data entry jobs are illegal.
    4. Data entry jobs who offer online are captcha based work and is considered illegal even in United States.

    Finally, data entry jobs are genuine but you're not recommended to take up such jobs even if they are paying.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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