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  • Reputed online jobs to earn money

    Looking for genuine online jobs? Get information about some of the best websites providing online work from home jobs.

    I need good online job without investment. Once I have joined in Paisalive before ten months still I didn't receive any checks but my account balance is increase but if I request it falls. So please tell me the best sites for writing jobs without bidding forum posting jobs or reviewing sites which pays in check method. List out some best sites.
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  • Hello,

    There are lots of genuine websites that pay you for working at home. Websites like Elance and Guru work by the bidding system. There's also Triond which is again a pretty cool website. It takes time to get a firm foothold on these websites, moreso because they don't follow the 'first come first serve' rule but instead choose from the various bids. On websites like Elance and Guru, you'll get all kinds of jobs, from contest writing and novel writing to graphic design to online personal assistant.

    Then there are the data entry/typing jobs. But most of them require you to pay up on registration. I wouldn't recommend these jobs...also partly because they're boring and come with a lot of rules.

    And finally there are jobs where you can perform service checks for companies like McDonald's, Apple, KFC, search engines, etc. These, while requiring online paper work, require you to get out of the safety of your house as you are supposed to perform these checks in person. International service check is one of them.

    Please note that all the above mentioned jobs are merely part-time jobs. They might ask a lot of time but they don't pay like a full time desk job/field job does. This is just extra earning and you can't base your life in such online jobs.

    Hope I helped.

    P.S. I don't know why you insist on websites that pay checks. But none of the websites I mentioned go by the check method. Everyone works with Paypal now.

    You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

  • There are variety of online jobs available in the Internet.

    Why do you search for other sites which do not give you assurance to pay you for your contribution, when trust worthy ISC is present. You can get knowledge as well as money from it with only little effort and idea.

    Then for your request I will suggest you some techniques that may satisfy you:

    1. You can do online data entry jobs but they are not easy as they require good typing skill and requires more time.

    2. You can write good articles and publish them in your blog and make good traffic. The blog will pay you for that.

    3.You can do Affiliate marketing. Many webmasters like Flipkart, ebay, Amazon etc offer affiliate marketing.
    You post their ads in your website or blog.
    They will pay you in pay per click(PPC)or based on the number of visitors.

    4.If you have any skills like editing, Music, Photoshop, Visual Effects etc you can sell them in many sites and get paid. Sites like Elance are trust worthy.

    5.Make good videos and post them in Youtube and it there is more traffic and views for you video youtube will post ads in your video and will pay for that.

    6.You can make good money in google adsence make anything that when a user searches anything in google search engine leads to yours post. As google uses it. It will give you revenue for that.

    These are all some methods which are obvious to my knowledge. You have to select the one which will suit you for the best.

  • Many online jobs are fake and It won't satisfy your financial needs. So don't concentrate on sites like paisapay and others.

    Below are some of the good ways to earn online where you will get sufficient money for your needs.

    1. Blogging/Writing article - Blogging is one of the best way to earn online. you can place ads from Google ad sense in your blogs and there are lot of sites like ISC to earn money for writing articles.

    2. Creating youtube videos - Create interesting and innovative youtube videos and place ads in your videos. You will get 1$ for 1000 impressions.

    3. Freelancing - Freelancing is the best way to earn online where you can earn more money by using your talent like creating websites,software,macros and many others.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

  • Hello

    There are so many ways to earn money.You can earn money by posting articles,data entry,Paid to click(PTC).
    You can find so many people doing part time jobs through online.I also do part time jobs but I was not earning huge amounts because I work for very less time around 30 minutes per day.Here I will suggest some ways to earn money online.

    1)There are so many sites which pays for posting articles.
    2)Genuine survey sites which asks opinion about products and you will be paid for doing this.Examples of them are like Indiaspeaks,PanelStation,GlobalTestMarket,ValuedOpinions etc.You will be paid from Rs.10-200 depending on the survey.
    3)MysteryShopping: This is the most intelligent way of earning money by doing tasks.It is like investigating about a product in a place.You have to submit the detailed report within 24 hrs of completing the audit.In this you can purchase for a minimum amount.The amount will be reimbursed after submitting the report.You can get Shopping vouchers.You need a Mobile with camera for this tasks.
    4)If you have knowledge about a subject you can take online classes which will get large amount of money.
    5)You can do freelancing if you have free time.Site like freelancer,elancer,odesk. You will be paid for the work you do.
    6)Create a channel and post different videos on youtube.
    7)Create a blog and post different and interesting articles in it.Try to bring unique visitors to your blog so that advertisers will come and place ads in your blog.
    8)Create a website and post information which will be useful for others.

    And at last I would like to say utilize your time and earn money.



  • There are various online writing jobs and online earning jobs available. Some useful online money making ways from home are listed below:
  • Try writing in various sections of sites like,,, etc. and earn good money. You can even get your Google Adsense account approved and link to these sites for better earnings.

  • You can perform tiny tasks on sites like,, etc. and earn decent part-time income.

  • You can be a full-fledged freelancer and work on websites like odesk, elance, freelancer, guru, etc. and earn well.

  • You can earn by posting good job adverts on sites like

  • You can earn by uploading original videos on YouTube (through youtube partnership program), Indyarocks, etc.

  • You can take online tuitions on sites like

  • You can earn money by posting photos on a site like

  • You can start your own blog and earn through Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Sponsored reviews, etc.

  • You can earn very low income by clicking ads on genuine sites like viewbestads, neobux, probux, etc.

  • You can participate in online survey sites like Globaltestmarket, indiaspeaks, etc. and earn.

  • Thanks & Best Regards,

  • You can join freelancing sites like odesk, freelancer, rentacoder, guru and similar other sites. I personally found that these sites are worth spending time and they do generate some good returns from the amount of time spent there. I have personally found that freelancing is only the reputed source for income.

  • Hello,

    Up to my knowledge 90% of the online job sites are fake, they are deceiving innocent people by means of providing false commitment to the online job seekers.

    At the same time there are also 10% trusted online job sites available in the internet. If you are ready to give your hard work then you will be rewarded for your effort but important thing is before joining or registering in a online job site you have to spend a little time in the internet I mean you have to perform investigation using the google search engine.

    If you want to find out the trustworthy and reliability of an online job website then you can check those sites using the websites like Scamadviser or Scamvoid. They can give you a clear score for those online job sites based on the customer's feedback and other parameters. If helps you a lot to find a genuine online website. it is smart to perform a thorough check about the online job site before investing your valuable time.

    I provide you another method of investigation if you want to find out the reliability of any online job website then you can check in the google search engine by providing the name of the concern website and type scam? next to the website name. It will give negative and positive feedback about those site, based on certain feedbacks taking decision is up to you.

    As am an internet marketer after a prolong investigation I have identified few genuine websites like ODesk, Freelancer, Elance, Google adsence. You will be benefited if you investigate your precious time in this kind of trusted sites. Because I have been working on this sites and got paid some reasonable earnings from them via Paypal account or cheque payment.

    Again I am strongly suggest you to do a thorough investigation before joining any one of the online job site by using the above procedures. Don't waste your time in fake sites.

    All the best

    Kind regards,

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