Different online jobs and the skills required

Internet has opened up new vistas of earning. You can earn good income sitting at your home with better writing or through giving e-tuitions. Apart from this, there are other income avenues online also. I am going to detail them for your convenience. The choice is yours.

I am going to list below some details containing information to earn income sitting in the comforts of your home.

1.Medical Transcriptions i.e. writing oral instructions given by Doctors or Medical Experts

In medical transcription, one has to write the oral instructions given by the medical specialists or doctors. This might include physical reports, clinical notes, consultant notes, reports, letters, advises from psychologists etc. For earning from this online medium, one needs to have knowledge of the medical areas and a good typing speed.

2 Great demand for Creation of Apps

Smart phone is gradually getting too popular and its applications are in great demand. There are about 30 lakhs Apps for I-phone and about 10 lakhs of androids market of Google. It has become a means of earning online by developing Apps of smart phones and selling them. The cost involved for making Apps is nil.

3.Researching for others

If you cannot write, cannot design or cannot do coding, do not worry. You can do ordinary research jobs for those who do not have time, provided you believe in hard labor and earmark some hours in a week for doing this job. You can locate possibilities for such type of job in those organizations which offer funding for research and outsource jobs for online investigations.

4.Upload yourself on Youtube

If you are dying for public applause and have the qualities of presenting stage acts, then upload yourself on Youtube. You could be film producer, musician or a comedian who needs more and more of audiences. Your earning will be from the Ads showing on your video page. This procedure is very much like the payer click advertisement program just like the other websites or Blogs.

5.Inbound call center

For doing this type of job, you can open an inbound call center at your home. You have to study those companies which outsource their job offering opportunities to inbound call center agents. You can work for more than one company depending upon whether you want to do full time or part time.

6.Virtual assistants

Small businesses need big helps to run their process of business but for this work, people do not keep full time employees. You can do this job online. As a virtual assistant, it would be expected of you to responsibly perform your duty like the traditional secretary or assistants online. Travel reservations, keeping accounts of expenses and taking care of billings etc are some examples of this type. You can do this online job sitting at your home; can talk to clients through phones. Your specialty will be measured in terms of how many clients you make.

7.Own brand selling by your designing skill

If you have the ability of designing, you can make money by selling your skills. No sooner than the item upon which is your design printed get sold, money into your pocket will start pouring. Designs could be uploaded on some websites like café press. Your designs could be printed on T shirts, hats, bags, books, postures, calendars and greeting cards. You can draw commission from the sales of such items. Lulu and Dazzles are some of the sites for this on line earning scheme of things.

8.Stock –Forex trading

Stock forex market is some what risky, yet you can start it with a little investment. You will gain in experience by working on it in due course. With the exchange of foreign currencies and forex, you can earn a helluva lot of money.

9.Support and service

good knowledge of web coding is its essentialities. Offers could be had on web CAMAS (content management system).

10.Photo sales

if you have interests in photography and are friends with camera then you can earn a nice income sitting at your home. There are many people here who could be interested in your photos. It has become very easier nowadays to send your photos at the home of the interested parties. Many photo collecting agencies such as photolia, dreamstime, or shutterstock will offer you money for your photos.

11.Theme making

The more the people will register their presence online, the more the templates and the world press themes will be needed. If you are an expert in web designing and coding, you can earn a lot from web theme designing. The main websites in this segment are the template monster and theme forest etc, which work as such market where you can sell your themes.

12.Online marketing

Search engines start marketing after the website is made and search engine is expected. Treasure is hidden here. The responsibilities of marketing rests upon the shoulders of a search engine expert, who can promote it in any ways such as article marketing, writing press release, forum posting, Blog- posting, submitting own site on directory, and including the search engine, social book marking etc. Most of the companies do not do this in-house and you can get good price for this type of work.

13.GPT programs

This is get paid to sites option which is emerging very popular amongst the teens. You can earn money online after signing up on free web sites for news letters, playing games, or filling up online surveys. This is suited to those who are not skilled but want to earn online. Doing survey online is much easier. Select any paid survey site and answer questions. There is a huge range of topics beginning with purchasing to politics. Does not matter whether the ranged topics are not of your concerns but nevertheless, this could pay you a good pocket money. Contestwin is a reliable GPT site.


You can sell space on your website or Blog for advertisements and earn in this way for each clicks. Sorting and placing for Ads are free. Benefits of pay-per-clicks Ads will depend upon the traffic level of your site. Google Ad Sense is the most popular option, while there are others like Bidvertizers, Text Link Ads and Blog Ads.

15.Free lancing for professionals

Free lancing is a better option for professionals, especially for them who are the master of their trade and who know how to keep customers pleased. A number of free lancing and project based sites offer opportunities to those companies which need helps for their project descriptions. Small business offers, ideas or proposals are offered out of which the best suited options could be purchased and chosen. Alance like websites provide all the facilities like programming, writing, data entry and designing while sites like rent-accorder focus on software programming.

16.Sale and purchase of domain names

This also is a better option for earning income sitting at home for those who have a better know how of their trade. A little knowledge and cost is involved in it. You could purchase the domain name at the registration cost or even less which on turn could be sold on a higher price resulting into earning a net profit out of this exercise.Domainparking.co.uk, afterknit.com, ebay.com or other or other domain auctioning websites give researches providing clues as to how to purchase the hottest domain names at the least of prices. In order to obtain better domain names, it would be better to prepare list of terminated domain names which also includes all the expired names.


People knowing tricks of selling can do better through this option. Affiliates mean the person who takes commission for promoting the sales of products. He does it either on the website or on other places such as ebay. You are required to sign up with a company and sale its products through your instructed links. There is a plethora of lists with firms like commission junction or click bank.

18.Teachers have immense potential of earning through e-tuition option

Demands for tutors are heavy and is increasing. Therefore, if you have the zeal to educate others; e-teaching could be your ticket to earning income. For this you have to be specialist in the concerned field and have to have as much time with you as to be taken out of some of it from your weekly busy schedules per week. Tutorvista, etutor, smartthinking or tutor.com are some of the preferred sites wherein, you could register yourself for the purpose. If you succeed in establishing a good reputation as a coach, you can organize babynor (lecturing in internet seminar) for which students spend for entry.

19.Professional writing

If you do not have time or capacity enough to maintain Blog but you wish to continue on with the hobby of writing then you can write for the Blogs, web site, helium or paperpost of others. E-book writing is also a better option. This doesn't cost anything. If you have a good grip over the language then you can work as a copy editor where web master can award you good returns.


If you have a hobby of writing, this is for you and you. If you think you can write better on different issues but you never tried or when tried but did never think of its coming into prints, you can be here. There is additional need of technical know- how for starting a Blog. Yes, there must be good qualifications for writing good. The number of visitors on your Blog will increase if you have a good writing style. You can attract big advertisers by making a good followings. You can,
earn commissions by promoting the products of companies.

I, therefore, urge upon you to have a pick over any of the options or a set of options to earn money as detailed above, provided you have the need or the time or the interest.

Good luck to you and good bye.

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