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    A great joke to enjoy but truth to understand and act at ISC

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    A great joke to enjoy but truth to understand and act

    Mr. Sun of ISC went to a Doctor after taking an appointment on a fine day.

    Dr: Yes. Gentleman, What 's your problem?
    Sun: Doctor, I am an active member from ISC.

    Dr: Ok. What's your problem?
    Sun: Doctor, I am working at ISC for the last 20 months.

    Dr: Ok, I understood.
    Sun: I am a diamond member at ISC.

    Dr: Very good, I can see you glaring like diamond.
    Sun: I am ranking number 16 at ISC.

    Dr: Very good, It's sweet sixteen. You too look like sweet sixteen.What else?
    Sun: Doctor, I received many awards from ISC.

    Dr: OK , So what?
    Sun: They are very important to me. They are: MOW, MOM, Wizard of forum, also I won many contests and Group discussions. I earned Rs. 8975 through ISC. I also earned some revenue from Google Adsense.

    Dr: Excellent, What else?
    Sun: I received the Twinkling star award too.

    Dr: Extremely great. What else?
    Sun: I am the first recipient of ISC's first CREATIVE badge.

    Dr: Oh ! great ! Marvelous achievements. What else?
    Sun: Doctor, I have received back ache, neck ache and head ache now.

    Dr: Oh ! Are these also awards from ISC?
    Sun: Oh ! Doctor, You are very funny( and laughs)
    (The doctor also laughs loudly with Mr. Sun)

    Dr: So, You want to retain all the awards you got and want to give the back ache, head ache and neck ache to me. Is it?
    Sun: Yes doctor, That's what my present problem. Please advice me with solutions and medicines.

    Dr: OK Mr.Sun. You are very humorous person. It is your concentrated best and hard efforts you have put in by maintaining one posture in front of the computer to work with ISC. Now You need to forget ISC for few days to take rest and recover from your back ache, neck ache and head ache. You worked for 20 good months. It is better you take 20 days rest.
    Sun: Thank you doctor. I shall take rest for 20 days .

    Dr: Mr .Sun, Please advice your counterparts at ISC to learn about good postures while operating computers to avoid backache, neck ache and head ache to avoid taking leave from ISC on medical grounds. All the best. See You. May God bless you.

    Sun: Bye Bye.
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    Hi, Sun sir you have brought a correct point through your joke which is actually the truth. We are all attached to ISC with deep of our heart and contribute daily at least 2-3 hours infront of computer. It cause some headach and neckpain when we work constantly in computer. So we need to take rest for sometime to regain energy. When we are working with computer we have to also do some postures like circulate our hand up and down and circulate our neck in clock and anticlock wise. Blinking eyes regularly. Use a spectal or glass that can protect eye from high contrast light of computer. After every fifteen minute walk for sometime in a room and do some excercise for 1 or 2 minute. It helps to reduce the pain of neck, hand and headach in better way. @Sun sir you are actually go for 20 days rest. You are the sun of ISC, how we survive without Sun in 20 days of interval.

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    Another creative way of telling truth. Not only aches but I have seen some addiction also to it. Also I have learnt how we can link our resources to the thread but without prompt notice of it from your thread. Nice to learn. Take care.


    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Hi Sun you explain your achievements and the problem in a sweet discussion between you and a doctor. It is self explanatory you are very good member of this site with many awards and many achievements in this site. I think your hard work is the reason behind your success. You become an inspiration for many members. It is sad to hear you have several aches. So take care of yourself and return back to the site as soon as you become good and continue your good service to all the members and the new comers to this site. We miss your interesting contests for some days.

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    Kamal Saro Pradeep,
    Thanks for your good feelings. I shall remain at ISC until 16th 2359 hrs and leave ISC with effect from 17th 0001 hrs. May your good wishes and blessings help me to remain in good health for ever. May God bless you all.

    No life without Sun

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    @Sun, your way of narrating stories is just incredible. The pinch of humour that you have added brings an interest in reading the thread. Apart from it, the thread actually talks about a major truth. We all work on computers for long hours which results in these kind of problems. Its better to take care of postures in early stages only else it can get worse with time.

    Hoping for your speedy recovery.
    All the best!!

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Every effective way of conveying the message to the members to care of their health.I will follow your advice. Take care sir.

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    If I review as generally I am doing for the movies to your above post, the issue raised is quite nice one but it was added with unnecessary self appraisal which is a bit lengthy and which can be avoided. The bottom line is really great. Really a lot of pain is being part of life in addicted to ISC, specially in home. As in office, its alright with sitting posture and everything, while at home, some time in the bed, some time in the chair, some time on the floor. Tough life for health.
    Farid Akhtar
    ISC-Joined for fun but learn and earn.

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    Anshu and Murali,
    Thanks for your feelings and good comments.
    Other Members:
    Firstly, My thread is a testimony for my growth and achievement at ISC. Never mind, it is a self boasting. Moreover my thread has a sense and meaning to understand and act. The correct sense will be interpreted correctly only by few intelligent members of ISC who knows how to interpret, understand and act. It is not easy for all ISC members to understand it. ISC doesn't like to see its members feeling jealousy.

    No life without Sun

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    I am sure ISC members will understand and interpret the real sense behind this thread. No 'Sun' for 20 days at ISC. Members should be aware that working long hours in front of computer tend to bring several aches but using correct posture and intervals between work will reduce these pain. Hope to see 'Sun' soon.

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    Humorous, educative, inspirational and funny! Marvelous creation by you, Mr.Creative! Take a bow!
    Aditya Das
    'Errors always show the lightened path of perfection'

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    Nice way of presenting the matter Sun. May you recover soon and have good health through out. All the best. Even I was away from ISC for last 2-3 days and will continue the same for couple of days as well.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    The ISC administration has given you the right badge and you have proved again that even testimonials can be written in this wonderful way that arrest the members. Good work and keep it up my dear Sun.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks for your praising words and good wishes for speedy recovery. I will be setting at 2359 hours today the 16th October, and likely to rise on 01 November 2012. Until then Good bye to all my good ISCians. Please remember the posture when you work with ISC through computers. Shift your position and change your posture and walk for a while very frequently. Please do not fall prey to back ache, neck ache and head ache like me. Bye.

    No life without Sun

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    Dear sir,
    Brilliant presentation of ideas in a humorous way. Because of this kind of features you are awarded as a Creative Badge at ISC. Hope all of your problems will be cured very soon as we all ISC-ians are praying for the speedy recovery.


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    Hello Sun,
    I really enjoyed your joke.
    Now on serious note, take some rest and get well soon.

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    Your way of representing your thoughts is incredible. I like your joke very much and understand your thinking behind it. We daily spend 2 to 3 hours in front of computer doing ISC and some problems like head ache, neck ache and other problems start to happen in our body. We should take care of these things and should take break for some time during our work. You have also inspired me. You have won almost all the awards in ISC and constantly contributing in this site. Hope you get well soon and join the ISC again.

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    You have indicated an very important issue in a joking manner. But it is true many of us might have pain; I am also facing eye sight problem; so I always sprinkling water before and after I am online; it really work, trust me.
    Veena Sharma.

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    No pain, no gain. But take proper rest and get well soon. Health is wealth.
    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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    You express a real truth such a comic way. Presentation of your thought is really wonderful. I enjoy it very much. Sir, take some rest and get well soon. Without you forum section is incomplete so get well soon and join in ISC again.
    Tulika Devi Nath

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    Mr. Sun,
    I am very late to know that you have been awarded the creative badge by ISC. My heartiest congratulation. You really deserve the creative badge. You are the one who created good stories, quizzes, puzzles and funny contests. This thread is also a good creation by you. Here you posted a good message and gave a testimony of your good achievements at ISC. Finally you indicated that you are suffering from back ache and informed the members to follow correct sitting postures.You have clearly indicated that you are going to be away for 20 days. Hats off to you Mr.Sun. You are really a creative and humorous person at ISC. Please take care of your health and come back to ISC with renewed spirit. I pray God for your good health.

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    Mainul Priyanka, Rajneesh, Veen, Saji, Tulika and Rajee,
    Thank you for your good messages.
    I am very happy to rejoin ISC with the blessings of Goddess Durga. I will resume my working at ISC by restricting my working hours to very few hours. One hour in the morning and one hour in the evening without much strain or pain.
    Please click to see my latest thread Sun never sets and rests but remains busy"

    No life without Sun

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    It present the confidence level in patients. It is really a good enjoyable joke between patients and doctors.
    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    Okay, so you need a rest. Take it and come back exactly on 21st day Sun.
    A great piece of story narrated in a style of conversation between a doctor and patient suffering from problems associated with ISC's overdose.
    I would rather advise Sun, to lower the working hours instead of working for longer hours each day.
    One more thing, you are very creative, sincere and hard worker here on ISC, many of us get influence with your works, so you continue with us on ISC and if you need rest, lower your working hours.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
    All about Indian people and Indian places!

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    What to say, it is a typical Sun's thread telling the truth with Humorous way. But I would like to say some word to Sun, I think all THE members have enough respect for you as a senior member of ISC including me. But sometime I personally feel that you over react about your negativity. If someone criticize your thread it never mean that the member is jealous with you. You always comes with one kind of response to them and say that only intelligent member can understand your view. There is no second thought that your are a valuable member of ISC but you should not get used of your own praising take criticism also in positive way. Keep smiling and get well soon.

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    Jitender Singh,
    Thanks for your good observation. I always walk straight on the road. If I come across some objects which I find on my route that are hindrance to walk, I clear it away as it should not be a problem to people who walk behind me. I boldly accept criticism and have the power to tolerate. I am very selective to chose my words before I utter. Only understanding people will understand what I say. I am a man of positive attitude with O positive blood group, and I do not think of any negativity. However, in any Group discussion if I want to participate I take it negative and fight until last to prove the negative as positive.

    However, very many thanks to Jitendra singh for being very open and frank to comment on my word "Jealousy".

    No life without Sun

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    Thanks Sun for your response which I was expecting from you. Nice to see your this view about your positive mind. Frankly tell you that I am not the one who start praising someone just because others are praising and can tell you directly about my feelings without hiding any emotions. And for your kind information I too have my blood group with O positive.

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    Really good one. Honestly, these problems are faced by each members of ISC who contribute regularly. You have mentioned the correct 3 aches which arouse naturally who spends time in front of computer. Truly this thread need to be rewarded.

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