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    'Time and tide wait for none'.

    I was reading this story about a man who left everything to God and waited for lady luck to smile on him. His village was threatened by a flood. All the villagers were leaving for safe grounds except this man. When the water level started rising, a jeep came to rescue him. The man refused saying that God will save him. As the water level rose further, he moved up to the second floor of his house when a boat came to rescue him. He refused again saying that he had faith in God and will be saved by Him. The water level kept rising and the man climbed on to the roof. This time a helicopter came to the rescue, but he refused again saying that God will save him. Finally he drowned. He was very angry and disappointed. On reaching God he asked Him as to why he was let down and not saved. At this, God replied that it was he who had sent the jeep, the boat and the helicopter.
    The moral of the story is that it is for you to take chances and make proper use of every opportunity you get. You have to take decisions at the appropriate time and act towards furtherance of your goals. Remember the saying, 'time and tide wait for none'. It is you who stand to lose if you keep waiting and miss a chance.
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    The moral of this story is for the people who only want to believe in their luck and do not want to do anything themselves. God provides them the opportunity to come up in life but they do not want to make use of those opportunities and think that everything will come to them by luck and fate. We get many opportunities and avenues in life to come up in life by making our own efforts. If we miss those opportunities, they may not be available once again to us. When we are at school and study for our X class examination, our teachers tell us to make the best use of the time to study for the examination and get good marks. They also tell us that the time lost will not come again and they would have to repent afterwards if they did not utilize their time well. The students who heed to the advice of their teachers, become successful in their lives while the others repent that they should have listened to their teachers.
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    Absolutely right Sir.. ."Time & Tide wait for none" liked the way to explain the value of Time with story, when one lost to opportunity nothing would be remain in hands just only wait...wait and wait.... so always grab the opportunity & always works hard to achieve your dream goal.

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    I think its absolutely true that time and tide waits for none and believing god is a very good thing and believing luck is also not bad but one should take chances and grab the opportunities in life. If you believe in god then you can be not like others of cut-throat competitors but still you need to grab the chances and move up in life. Its true that these chances are provided by god himself but these chances should be taken off and move on it with hard work will only guarantee the success of individual. Putting himself in the hand of god for everything is not advised by god. God can provide you food still you need to move your hand to have that in your mouth. So one should not be lazy and submissive to opportunities and should take the opportunities as it comes to succeed in life with the god's grace off course. Really a great thread to differentiate between trust on luck or god and ignoring self action.
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    "Time and Tides wait for no one", this used to be the favorite catch line of my father. He is a man who always believed in working hard to achieve anything in life and never believed in astrology or palmistry. He used to say we have to make our own lines on our palm with hard work and sincerity and not by waiting for the luck. Thoroughly inspired by his principles, I too always believed in this famous proverb and always used to study well before time for exams so that I do not have to depend on the mercy of time in the last moment. There is always a fixed time for high tides and low tides, similarly time too have fixed duration and manually it cannot be altered.
    Everyone who is easy going type of person, need to understand that time once gone will never be back so be active when you have the chance to achieve something in life else only disappointment will be left for you.


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    Yes. This is true. Our elders used to say god may come in any form and we should understand it correctly and make use of opportunity. Also for students time is very precious but now the students are only studying on the eleventh hour because of unnecessary diversion and attraction. The consistency bring success and there should not be any postponement.

    There is a saying in Tamil 'Nalai seivathai indre sei; indru seivathai ippoludhey sei' means what ever to done tomorrow, do it today itself and whatever to be done today do it now itself'.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Sometimes all the God provides us in some circumstances is just one chance alone. We should recognize the opportunity and act on it instead of waiting for God to do the work for us. Not many people realize this but.

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    Hello friend I think that you are right that time and tide waits for no one. Really it is a very good story that you have posted and the moral of the story is also right that it is for you to take chances and make proper use of every opportunity you get. Time and tide waits for no one you have proved this statement by the story. Really the story is very good and i am very happy after discussing and reading on this topic. Time is more powerful and sluttish and time waits for no one. Everything will be destroyed with the passage of time.

    With Regards

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    Time and tide wait for no one. –This is one of the best thread and a forum discussion.

    Time is precious and important to all. Once the time is past no one in this world can go back and change the time nor claim it.

    So it is very important for entire people in this world, how time have to be spent and also spend the time through proper method of planning and decision.

    Every one of us has time, hence each one has to plan and do the things in right way. Time will be bad for some one and good for others.

    A good example of time is the watch.

    I saw my watch and it stopped in middle, I realized that the battery was weak, but the time was already running and I couldn't stop the time, just because my clock was not working. Moral of this story, is Time and Tide wait for no one.

    Time plays a vital role in all our life, during examination, interview, hospitals, work, and many more places. When one has lost his opportunity during his exam or interview by not answering them correctly or in case if he couldn't pass the interview, he has to just wait for another chance.

    Hence, it is recommended that time have to be respected more than anything. If you respect time, you will surely achieve the goals and you will be top on any field.

    Put time in effective manner rather than utilizing it in unproductive way.

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    Time and tide wait for none it is a very popular proverb which conveys a message to all of us. Every moment of our life is very precious because time never stops for anyone. Likewise time tides have no consideration for anybody it flows incessantly. It means that we should try to grab every opportunity on time otherwise if an opportunity slips from our hands it will not come again. Time flies very fast and yesterday will never come again. So everyone should utilize the present properly so that it will help to make our future beautiful.This proverb carries the lesson that time is very valuable and we should utilize every moment of life effectively.
    Tulika Devi Nath

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    Hey i must give a thumb up to the thread owner for this wonderful topic and i must say that i believe that time and tide waits for no one because i also know and believe that no one can turn the hands of time to his or her favour and in other words time does not wait for anybody in regardless of the educational level and the height of success a person attain in life. Also i must advice everyone that is viewing this educational thread to make a good use of any time you have in life without wasting or using your time wrongly in other words we all must learn how to utilize our time well. Also we all should remember this great saying that says that opportunity comes but once and bear it in mind that time, tides, and opportunity does not wait for anyone, also i must urge you all to be mindful of your time and utilize it properly to avoid any regret in future so be warned thanks and God bless you all for adhering to any contribution in this important thread.

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