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    Can India become a corruption free nation?

    to dream of an India, "a corruption free nation" may look like a far away cry . nevertheless it is not impossible but i would say all Indians alike , particularly those who are both enlightened and educated can definitely bring this utopian situation to our nation, why not????
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    @ Mak a warm welcome to this educational site. I would suggest you to follow the posting guidelines before making a post here so that you can understand the guidelines and this would help you in your contributions to the site.

    Coming to the topic 'Can India become a corrupt free nation?', this was in discussion many a times. However, I would say that where there is a will there is a way. I strongly feel that we should never think that making this country a corrupt-free one is in someone's hands, instead it is in everyone's hands. If the people of the entire country are in the same bent of mind and are responsible enough it is not difficult to achieve success in this connection. But unfortunately when we look at the present scenario, each and every individual has become highly self-centered and they want to get their things done at any cost. They can't wait for the things to happen in its natural course of time but they want to get it done faster. When people get rid of such a mind set, then it is not difficult to achieve success.

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    I don't think it would be easy to wipe out corruption. It has spread to almost all facets of life and will take a long time and effort from each of us to wipe out this cancer. I doubt if there is anybody who is not corrupt. Right from the person who pays bribe to get his ration card to the one who takes commission in lakhs to approve a project, everyone seems to encourage corruption in one way or the other. The thing is that we keep cribbing against corruption, but we do not mind indulging in it when the interest is ours.
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    Welcome to you friend into the platform of learning and earning. The topic posted by you have been discussed many times in this site, India can't become a corruption free nation in near future but we have better chances of becoming a corruption less nation after some years. Eradication of corporation can't be possible unless the mindsets of we public have to be changed. The person who offering corruption and the person who receiving corporation are equal culprits and some strict laws should be introduced to stop corruption. Moreover eradication of corruption should be included in school curriculum and students have to taught the bad outcomes corruption so-that in future they can't be involved in corruption activities.
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    Hi i must suggest that you should read the posting guideline before posting any thing in the site, the use of that multiple question mark is not acceptable in this site, but coming to your above stated post i must say that for any nation to be free from any corruptive practices, all hands must be on deck, you know that corruption have become a menace that have but deep in the flesh of the people in the society, also in order for any nation to be free from is not only the responsibility of the government because i believe that individual have a great task to do in this problem.

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    The best answer to this question is 'yes' if you think yes, else no.
    If we believe that we the common people can be non-corrupt then of course India too can be non corrupt.
    But if we don't opt to be non corrupt then we have no right to ask govt. to be non corrupt. We need to stop this corruption from root level. Then only we can hope India to be non corrupt.

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    Welcome to ISC. Go through the posting guidelines. Wish you happy Learning and Earning.

    Here I want to mention the dialogue to the Hindi film Rang De Basanti that No country is perfect we have to make it perfect. I strongly believe one day India will corruption free nation. Positive thinking towards our goal give us a light of hope and hope is the one which stays our dream live and burning.

    Do not involve in corruption and try to reduce it.

    Thank you.

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    Mak great to welcome you as the new member of this ever expanding educational site which is providing International instant platform to those who want to share their knowledge and views.

    Coming to the point. India becoming corruption free Nation immediately is the big task and day dreaming. Since we are living amid the worst corrupted people who are seeing the opportunity to commit one more big corrupt act, the imagination of yours will remain in thoughts and not in action. Though some good thinking people are grouping to evade corruption and bring those involved to book, but the fact remains that the majority of the corrupt persons are more and they are virtually running this govt from behind the doors. So it is voters who have that great power to get rid of old rotten politicians and give chance to new faces who promises corrupt free Govt.

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    Absolutely possible,
    Because it is not that someone will come & make this nation corruption free, every individual should take responsibility to make it happen.
    It starts from me & then it will become we who can make this nation corruption free.
    Stop corruption from our self, make a start and put example in front of people.

    After all when we are saying its our nation we are equally responsible.

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    Neither India nor any other country can become 100% free corruption free. But yes we can or we should do our best to minimize corruption as least as possible.

    Even the most corruption free country, which is New Zealand is not 100% corruption free.

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    Mak, a warm welcome to India's number one educational site, India Study Channel. As the name indicates, ISC is a educational medium where we can improve our writing skills, thoughts, ideas etc. So Mak, utilize this site very well and make yourself grow better. Follow the editor's advices and posting guidelines, so that you will be able to post good and quality threads in ISC. Now to you thread. India is a developing country with money fooding politicians. India's political background is not praiseworthy. The parties win the election just to reach to the money making machine called "Government". So Indians do wish to live in an uncorrupted India. But it is true that it is little hard to attain. First of all the system must be changed by adopting some restrictions to the current system. For example, to become a minister of India a minimum education qualification must be kept. The youth will get the seat to rule. This may be a key to mould an uncorrupted India.

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    Dear Mak,

    I welcome you for a happy journey here. You are putting a googly in your first attempt itself. I mean you have raised a very controversial topic and an unpleasant one to discuss here. The entire nation is hearing this word 'corruption' continuously without any gap since long. Probably people have become immune to the meaning of the word corruption. Most of them have developed an attitude of 'chalta hai'.

    The wonder part is most of us point the fingers at others. The remedy lies within each one of us. If I become a corrupt free man. I would see that my family is corrupt free. When my family is corrupt free my surroundings become free of corruption.When my surroundings become corrupt free my village/town becomes a corruption free place. Then state, nation and the world.

    No use in discussing. Let us all become true to ourselves. India becomes a great place to live with.

    Varuna.V B.E
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    Hi friend,
    Sure we can make India a "corruption free nation". This is possible only when youths enter into politics. If we ask any youngster or child about his aim or dream, he/she will say "I want to become a doctor/ an engineer etc. None of us is ready to say "I want to become a politician". When the youth enters the politics, then India will become superpower. Swami Vivekanada called 100 youths to follow him. But none was ready to follow him. But now there are 1000s of youths, No Vivekanada is here. Although there are few leaders like Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, Anna Hazare, none of us supports them. Anna Hazare called everyone of us to come to fight against corruption. But how many of us went? Everyone lives without caring our nation. When Everyone comes forward to fight for our nation, Then comes "India- corruption free nation".

    Thanks for reading.

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    Always someone during the corruption in our country and even if they caught then someone new to take thier place for doing the corruption.

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    ITS difficult in india,because none of the people is noble here.Only a few are honest in their works.But sure,if we try we can bring out india from corruption.It is mainly in the hands of youngsters but noone has a will to enter in politics.

    NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE in this world..

    thank you for reading sir,

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