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    Do the political parties really serving for the nation ?

    The political leaders never favor a person; they always speak about and praise their own party. Whenever there is any issue related to the nation; they starts blaming the other parties and their members, rather than thinking of how to solve the matter. What do you think, the leaders really serving for the nation or are simply serving for their parties and themselves.
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    Hi friend,
    Political leaders are not at all serving for this nation at present. Do they have any worries? They have a house, car, free electricity supply, free water supply, free train and flight travels etc. They enjoy everything from the people's money. But the people are suffering a lot. What a nation we have! The parliament was also not conducted. They will start fighting and go out of the parliament. They don't loss anything. It's all people's money. Why they need to worry? Are we a relation to them? We too don't ask them anything. We will cast our votes to them. We will make them to sit as PM or CM etc. But they will forget about the people for five years. And all of a sudden, during election time they will remember about us. They will come and ask our votes. We without any self respect vote for him again. Really the mistake is in our side, not their side. They serve only their parties. Not the people!

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    The political parties are needed for running a democratic country like our constitution has provided. However, the constitution makers might not have thought that the political parties will work in such an irresponsible manner, the way they are doing presently in our country. Each party tries to pull the legs of the other and find faults with one another. Whichever the party comes in power, its leaders uses their own whims and fancies to run the country the way they want without caring for what the public expects of them. The problem lies in the fact that they make high promises when they come asking for votes. But there is not control over them by the people who elect them at least for five years. The multiplicity of parties which have grown like mushrooms after the independence have led to the unstable governments in the country resulting in heavy expenditure on elections.
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    The main problem here is that everyone wants to be a leader. In the quest they break away from a party and form a new party of their own. Since we have many who are on the look out for posts and opportunities in politics, one does not find it difficult to line up a reasonable strength behind them. It is the multiplicity of parties, as pointed out by Sukhdevji, that has led to the deterioration of democracy in India. Every party that wants to come to power have to make so many adjustments to gain support of the smaller parties. The end result is that the very purpose of a democratic government is defeated. They end up satisfying the needs and demands of each other and forget about the voters for whom they have been elected. It is high time some decision in this regard is taken and a criteria be so decided that it becomes impossible for smaller parties to survive. Otherwise, the day won't be so far when every small group attains the status of political parties.
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    I don't think any political party of India has prime motto of serving the country. Their main intention is to grab the power and earn as much as possible through all the means. They even won't try to help poor and genuinely develop our country. In the name of development they do all corruptions and divert the money to their accounts. Even in election time they divide the people in the name of religions and regions for their self gains.
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    In our country, we can be proud that we have a multiparty democracy. Political parties are the base for our type of democratic set up.

    Though there may be some drawbacks and deficiencies in the individual level or in certain stand of the parties, which we may not be able to accept, we should not blame political parties just for anything and make it a fashion and trend.

    If you have chance to observe a sincere worker or leader of any major party, you can see how much hard work they are putting. Many of them do not get the normal hours of sleep we all have.
    So let us give the parties their due credit also, and make them correct their mistakes if any.

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    The political party is the basement of a government and if there is no political parties then there is no government.

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    The political leaders of nowadays were not bothering about the people.They are mostly entereing into the politics to make themselves as well settled.I am not saying everyone but it is on the lead that more politicians are only in this attitude.
    They are getting our tax as their income and spend.None of the people has got an ability to stand against them.These are mostly happening in our country only.

    As we are not brave to ask anything about these they are playing as per they could.

    So not all the politician is having a thought to serve their country.


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    There is ultimate object to nominate or to elect any person as political leader is to serve nation, state and people. But it is applicable only up to the time of election that political parties and their members give promises to serve people. If our government will formed or our party will elected then we will give employment to this much people, we will provide residence to poor people etc. But once they got elected all the promises go to other side and they become busy in corruption and other immoral activity for which they intended to come in authority. Many of seats are given to the persons who are murderer or victim of cases of corruption and surprising thing is our peoples vote them. There is only one single way to get out from corruption and political issues and that is Jan Lokpal Bill. One separate authority should formed to caught corrupt officer and politics and there should not be any kind of interference of government to such authority. I think we need strong leader who can passed this Jan Lokpal Bill in India.

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